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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I just came across a website that could possibly make a difference world wide . . . what could we all possibly do that could make a difference world wide you say? Well, it can be done, Spark People as an example is making a difference world wide every single day!!! Thanks to Chris "The Spark Guy" Downie!!!!

While we all struggle to lose weight, gain health, and just learn to live better lives as better people, over 1 billion of us (that's a 1 with 9 zeroes . . . 1,000,000,000) across the globe are living their lives day to day in CHRONIC HUNGER. That means men, women, and CHILDREN throughout the world go to sleep hungry EVERY NIGHT wondering if they will have something to eat when they awaken the next morning.

Does anyone else find it a bit disturbing that here we sit with so much to eat we have to control what we eat in order to lose the weight we've gained from all of our EXCESSIVE EATING? I'm sure that all 1,000,000,000 of the starving dream of having the problem that we all have. Some of them have never known or experienced anything different, so how can they dream of something that to them doesn't exist?

This is a horrible situation that has brought tears to my eyes and to think how we take so very much for granted everyday!

I beg you to PLEASE go to the website

and submit your name on the petition that will be presented to the United Nations in October/November of 2010.

Please pass the word to all your family and friends!! Together, we can all make a difference to end this horrible situation across are global neighborhood!!!

God Bless!
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    I just completed a poll concerning Nutrition Tracking and whether I think it necessary to losing weight . . . what caught my eye was the fact that over 62,000 Spark People have responded to this poll . . . so far only 6 (SIX!!!) Spark People (that I'm aware of) have responded on since I started this blog over 2 weeks ago . . . that's very, very sad
    What's more alarming is that only around 11,000 Americans have signed this poll!!! Compared to around 65,000 in Nepal!!!! Why is that? Is it because we don't see hunger on a daily basis like they do in Nepal? I thought Spark People [and Americans] were more caring than that. Have you Spark People been electronically signing the petition but not signing under my user name on that site; Scott7? That must be it, I know there are more Sparkers out there that truly care about the World Hunger Crisis!!! If you've signed the petition, put my mind at ease and let me know that you've signed it. An electronic signature is not too much to ask to help put a dent in World Hunger. If you don't want the resulting emails from that website, rest assured, you receive ONE(1) email after you sign the petition thanking you for your signature; that's it.
    emoticon emoticon
    2743 days ago
    Thank you for posting this! I came by your blog after seeing your appealing username on the forums...Your background image is revolting though, lol Sorry, I'm vegetarian. :-P Anyway, then I saw your post about doing something about the extreme disparities in resources around the world, particularly in solving the problem of hunger. I can't think of anything more important and I hope to do something to remedy this situation, at least in one area of the world, starting with when I start graduate school this Fall. I want to introduce disadvantaged children in the local community to healthy and affordable ways of eating and also start a group where graduate students take middle and/or high school students hiking every weekend. Its a great way to make a connection and be a positive role model for the kids and to show them that exercise is fun and doable too.

    Anyway, I have to head to bed now but hopefully I will remember to check out your petition tomorrow! Thanks again for doing this!

    - Yinyangwriter

    2757 days ago
    I just signed!
    I meant to do it sooner but i've been so busy this past week.
    It was a great site, with informative information. I think it's sad how more people aren't supporting your blog, but that doesn't mean people aren't supporting the cause. There are many people who push away these problems because it doesn't "effect" their everyday lives, BUT then there are people who are upset, angry, and wanting to make a difference.
    You are doing a great job Scott, and putting this in a blog is a great way of spreading the word!

    2758 days ago
    I'm sorry, I had to repair the link to the above website . . . if anyone has tried to click on the link and it didn't work . . . it works now.
    Thanks to EEGBAR for pointing this out to me . . .

    2758 days ago
    Scott, I'm sorry you have not gotten more of a response. I donate my time, talents and money to help those less fortunate than I. My children donate their old clothes and toys to organizations that distribute them to poor children. We try to always help those in need.
    2759 days ago
    I guess no one cares about this, I figured I would see more response in a 24 hour period than one blog comment . . . how sad! Spark People have an opportunity to pull together and just sign a petition that could possibly result in the reduction of world hunger . . . why no responses?
    2759 days ago
    It is a shame that so many go hungry!
    2760 days ago
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