My new running shoes SUCK!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

So I decided last weekend that I needed running shoes cause I was heel pain...We found a 25% coupon towards shoes at sports authority so I thought this would be a perfect time to buy them...I did a little research and I know that I needed stability & motion control since I have flat feet so I went with asics that gave me arch support when I tried them on in the store. I thought they would be perfect so I went to the gym yesterday to get in a 3 mile jog and by the 2nd mile my feet where KILLING ME!!! The back of the shoe was rubbing my Achilles area and it was hurting so bad so I decided to just walk the rest of it...well I couldnt even do that since it was just so raw and umcomfy...I was so upset that I bought them and now I have to return them since I cant use them...thankfully I only wore them at the gym and I still have the box.

I plan on going to a running store to get fitted with the appropriate pair of sneakers since I want to continue to run and not have this foot pain. I hope my new ones dont cost me a fortune :)
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    Not being able to run, I don't know much about running shoes, but I'm confused; don't they need to be "broken in" like other shoes, or are they ready for a full work-out straight from the box? It's a shame they didn't work out - I know how disappointing that must be!

    Finding shoes that don't make it even more difficult for me to walk is a challenge. My DD & SIL work at REI, and with their recommendation, I got a pair of Vibrams Five Fingers. It's amazing what a difference they've made! They're form-fitting, meant to feel like bare feet, and the individual toes allow for better balance. I can walk further and hurt less!

    Hope it works out for you! emoticon
    2709 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    NEW BALANCE are the only shoes I buy since they are so well made.
    You might want to go to a Podiatrist and get inserts that are custom fitted to your feet. My oldest son has flat feet like my husband and he had to have them as his ankles turn inward as his foot "rolls." They really helped him and did away with his knee and hip pain. emoticon
    2709 days ago
    Sorry you had a bad experience with your "new" shoes. Hopefully you'll be able to return them no questions asked.

    Go Care Bears Go!
    2709 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Sorry about that experience. emoticon emoticon emoticon Sure hope you have no trouble returning them. Guess I am lucky as I can usually buy shoes and have no problems, and Aesics are one of my favorites. Hope feet heal up quickly and you can get back to running/exercising!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2709 days ago
    I hope that you can find a pair that works for you and that you are able to take those back!
    2709 days ago
    We have a great store called Running Wild here (have bought shoes there for 30+ years). They are the only ones that I trust to fit me, and they tell me never to run in them until I've worked them in. Don't do much/make that minimal running now as I have knee problem.

    I should have listened to their advice with my new hiking boots. They were bought at a reputable sports store where the salesman told me that I could use them to hike right away. After the first mile, they were more uncomfortable than any shoe I'd ever had. I always wear double socks to prevent blistering, but I still had blisters at the end.

    WRONG ADVICE! It took many short walks 1-2 miles a day for a month before they felt comfortable.
    2710 days ago
    The same thing happened to me in early July. I started running again recently so bought new shoes...Very comfy in the store...A 6 mile walk/run in early July and half way through I realized that the pain in my toes meant that 2 toenails were ready to fall off...It killed!! I had used them outside, so didn't even try to return them. I still use them once in a while, but only for elliptical...never again for running! Good luck with finding the right shoes...someone told me to always get a size bigger in running shoes...(but that doesn't sound quite right either). Go with someone who is an expert at fitting...that should do it. Hope your feel feel better soon!
    2710 days ago
  • VEMAN1
    Definitely go to a specialty store for running or walking shoes. Yes, the will cost more, but they will fit. There is nothing like physical pain to stop an enjoyable activity. If not properly addressed, you might be tempted to quit. And, we really wouldn't want that!
    2710 days ago
  • BETRME100
    ouch!! I have a hard time finding shoes that fit properly. There's an independently owned running store in the city where I of these days I'm going to go there and get fitted for a good pair of shoes!! I hope you'll be able to return the ones you bought...good shoes are just so expensive!!
    2710 days ago
    yea I think I am gonna go to jack rabbit
    2710 days ago
  • MUNCHIE718
    Sorry to hear the shoes didn't work out. You may want to try Jack Rabbit Sports. I've heard good things about them for fittings. They have a few locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn (you're in NYC, right?). Good luck!
    2710 days ago
    Finding the perfect shoes is hard! Hope you can find a pair that works for you. emoticon
    2710 days ago
    I hate that about shoes. I have trouble getting running/workout/walking shoes that feel good, also. A running store should be able to help you better. Three miles at the gym is great, too!
    2710 days ago
    You MIGHT be able to take them back...have you tried? Sorry to hear it wasn't a good experience, but you will not regret getting properly fitted at a running store :) Good luck!
    2710 days ago
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