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Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I survived!

What a crazy last couple weeks! Work has been non-stop, what with getting shifts covered, hiring and training, developing a new menu and applying for liquor licenses. I've run myself a wee bit ragged and more than once this week my frazzled self has gazed over the counter at the serene people relaxing with their cappuccinos and newspapers and felt silly that I've been running around like a mad woman when the cafe is at its most mellow. And you know what? Tomorrow I will BE that serene individual sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper. Why? VACATION TIME, BABY! (Actually tomorrow I'll probably be that disgruntled person, sitting in O'Hare with her coffee and newspaper and wondering when they're going to let us on the damn plane already...) I leave tomorrow for Seattle, where I'll see family and friends, revisit old haunts, and go backpacking in the Olympic National Park. Yesterday I looked up recommendations for backpacking food and got a good chuckle out of the fact that all the recipes were aiming to pack a ton of calories in, something so decidedly foreign from my last 8 months of eating. Tomorrow morning I'll do a pre-trip weigh-in and then not weigh myself until I return. I'm pretty confident that I'll be fine weight-wise; both my and Josh's family eat well and I will stock up on J-dub supplies when I get in to town (eggs, protein powder, oatmeal, etc.). I'll be able to cook for myself quite a bit, but the only trouble will be eating out, which I will do probably 200 times more than I do now. I mean, I have only ten days to experience all the food memories of my past, how can I not eat out everyday? I'll still try and stay away from added sugars and pay close attention to portions. I need a sassy traffic cop in my head, raising one eyebrow to the moon and shaking her finger at me when I am on the verge of coasting through that stop sign into milkshake ville (or, if you like, Tillamook peanut butter chocolate ice cream-ville). I'm trusting that sassy size 8 cop will allow me a half cup once during my trip and will then furrow her brow and furiously blow her whistle when I dip in for seconds. Back Off, Lough! There are still piroshkis, teriyaki, and rocking thai food to get through this trip, not to mention a couple perfect cappuccinos! Thank goodness I'll be walking everywhere and of course the backpacking trip will help alleviate any mini-binges, though I'd rather it chipped away at what I've got going now rather than allowing myself to add a couple fresh pounds for the hiking trip to then sink its teeth into. AAAAAND, I am bringing my running shoes! And my bathing suit! So I trust I'll be active enough to maintain, which is all I'm after really, and then when I get back I'll really get cracking on the J-dub diet extraordinaire.

I will keep you posted-- I'm bringing my computer basically to continue to tell the internet what I'm eating. Talk to you soon!
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