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New Scale Blues

Monday, August 16, 2010

As a reward for starting my C25K Training, I bought myself a whole set of new measurement items last week. I got a brand new scale (ooh, shiny), a brand new food scale (ooh, sexy) and a brand new tape measure (ooh, slick). I couldn't wait to bust out my new equipment, and in my daytime fantasies before I accepted delivery of these items, I had imagined myself stepping on that new, shiny scale and seeing a nice low number - the new scale's gift to me for buying it.

Such was not the case. As I cracked the casing and pulled off the plastic, the new scale flashed its bright blue display at me...why hello there. I calibrated it, stepped on, and...saw a number I haven't seen in over 3 weeks now - 283. Sad face new scale, I thought you were going to be my friend!

Now granted I did have my first non-tracking day EVER this past weekend. Saturday we had a yard sale, so I trucked boxes outside in the morning, then went to Zumba, then sat outside and moved things around all day, then packed it all away once we were done. By the time dinner rolled around I realized that I had only eaten brunch that morning and we were both STARVING. It was also our two year anniversary this weekend, so we went to try out a Cuban restaurant that we'd been meaning to try for a few weeks now. I ordered fish and rice, the scientist ordered ribs, and we both ordered a couple of margaritas each. Now even though the margaritas hit me like a ton of bricks on a relatively empty stomach and after a day in the heat, and even though I consumed my own meal and a good, big "taste" of his ribs, I really can't imagine that the damage I did that day (less all the exercise I did this weekend) could have packed on 5+ pounds.

Unfortunately, I don't have my old scale to do a side-by-side comparison either. Anxious to bid that sucker bye-bye (I was having issues with it being consistent anyway) I sold it in the sale for a measly $3 not thinking I would need it to compare anything.

So I'm going to accept that the new scale is weighing in approximately 5 pounds heavier than the new one. Fine. What I'm not going to accept is that number as a gain this week. I still have 2 days until my official weigh-in day. I may push weigh-in this week to Friday just to give myself another 2 days, but I highly doubt that even then it will say 274.2 (my last weigh-in number). This morning it was down to 279 - so thankfully I am NOT in the 280s, now or EVER AGAIN.

Regardless of the scale, I have lost over 35 pounds. That number is real. So I think what I'll do is take my number (either this Wednesday or this Friday) and record it as a missed weigh-in week, and suck up the possibility of a loss this week (I feel lighter!) and then adjust my starting weight to compensate, keeping my loss at 35.8. Unless, for some miraculous reason I end up lower than 274 by Friday - which COULD happen, though it's unlikely.

The good thing is that I finally have a scale that works and comes HIGHLY recommended. Most of the reviews on it even said that it was accurate to within .2 pounds of the scale at the doctor's office. Bonus. Nothing like going to the doctor thinking that you lost 20 pounds and have their scale only register 2!

So 270s, we meet again. I guess we'll be hanging out for a little longer than anticipated. That's cool. I can roll with that. But I have to let you know that I'm not planning on staying at your party much longer...cause the 260s have some sweet diggs down the street and I have an itch to go check them out!
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    I think you're right, it wasn't a gain, it's just a difference in calculation. The scale at my dr's office is about 3 pounds less than mine, so now I enjoy going to the doctor, LOL.
    2774 days ago
    You rock. You will get back to the 270 mark again. Love the new, shiny things!!! Measuring is sexy!!
    2774 days ago
    Well, everyone alraedy said what I was thinking...
    It's probably water from the salty dinner..
    Every scale is different...blow off the difference and just keep going

    Because it is obvious to everyone..YOU WILL BREEZE THRU THE 270'S!!
    2775 days ago
    That is always my worry with strange new scales.... Just give yourself a couple days. Maybe the margaritas and the food made you retain water and will be off in no time.
    2775 days ago
    That stinks but I think your outlook on it is great. You'll blow right through those 270's, girl! You're doing awesome!
    2775 days ago
    That happened to me when I got new scales. They weighed a lot higher. The way you have been losing you will be out of the 70's in no time so hang in there.

    2775 days ago
    New toys ... I like! I bought a new scale to weigh myself a few months back, best thing I ever did. I'm now looking at a digital food scale ... which one did you get?
    You're gonna blast through the 270's!

    2775 days ago
    I have one scale only but I use it everyday. I was up 2 pounds this morning from Friday. But I'm ok with that. I'm pretty sure a lot if it..if not from salty stuff this week end. The pork steak last night while good was covered in Italian salad seasoning (dry) and fried.
    2775 days ago
  • WYND10
    I have no doubt that you will be moving in to 260ville in no time. Don't worry too much about what the scale says, even if you had one meal where you didn't track, you're absolutely right you didn't gain 5lbs in that one sitting. You probably just need more water to get rid of the salt from that meal. You're doing it right Jenn, and it's paying off. Drink some water, move your weigh-in day, either way you got this.

    Happy Anniversary to you and the scientist :).
    2775 days ago
    I own 3 scales, and they all weigh me differently! And wouldn't you know it, the one that weighs the heaviest is the most accurate. Oh well! Good job not letting the change get you down!
    2775 days ago
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