40 Reasons to CELEBRATE My 40th Birthday~ :o)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well Glory Be~I am here, ALIVE & SMILING with a creation in the making, and my 40th birthday coming up very soon! August 16th, 1970 around 6:30 pm I entered this world as a bitty bundle tipping the scale at 6 lbs. 11 oz. and was a mere 18" long. They sure fed me well~that was the lowest weight of my life, and heavens if I ever weight that again it will be IN ASH FORM ONLY! HA!

Okay Everybody there are wayyy more than 40 reasons to celebrate my life, but I wont go higher than that considering THAT IS THE NUMBER TO BE CELEBRATED...HERE GOES! emoticon

1. Every breath is a gift, each moment a celebration, & all memories be the sweet or bitter truly a blessing from the Good Lord above.

2. Smiling as I enjoy life with my children is glorious every single day.

3. Each challenge in life that has strengthened my faith in God, adding to wisdom, compassion and humbling me along the way are reasons for celebration ALWAYS!

4. Sunrise as well as sunset, gorgeous cloud formations, flowers as individual as people themselves, and landscape beauty is breath taking~as if seeing all for the first time day in and day out.

5. Having been granted artistic gifts through vocal ability, a gift in creating poetry from the age of 10, people skills, and passion for writing anything and everything warms my heart daily.

6. The love of my Dad, and the relationship we share has been cherished my entire life. His sense of humor is outstanding even though his health isn't well makes him my inspiration, my hero~and truly the best Daddy Man God could have ever blessed me with.

7. Cooking creations without cookbooks is truly something I enjoy. Clean eating as well as having been blessed with my daughter whose food allergy list is dangerously endless have added to my incentive and passion for taking care of not only body body, but her's that is still growing.

8. Being a part of Spark People, touching the lives and hearts of others who are traveling the same weight loss journey as me, is without a doubt a GRAND REASON FOR CELEBRATION day in and day out!!!

9. Weight loss coaching has helped me remain dedicated to my own health; while joyfully encouraging others to view weight loss not as a diet, but rather a change of life, that will add years to their own lives.

10. Talking to God many times a day~and through the night hours as well~IS TRULY THE WAY OF LIFE, AND EVER REWARDING WITHIN.

11. Exercising once was a dreaded thought, that has become an obsession of the finest!

12. Quiet time each morning with my veggie breakfast, protein drink, and MMMmmmm coffee....oh yeahhhhh truly a reason to celebrate FAR BEYOND 40!

13. My sister who is 41 years young and I are as different as night and day, but through my sweet Lela we have a link that has brought us closer together.

14. My little brother who is one month shy of being 11 years younger than I am is my shining star.

15. God Bless my Precious Grandmother Lela who passed away two years ago come this January~she was 100 years young, and is truly every reason I am a warm mother, Christian, a dedicated friend, and as optimistic as I am. What a wonderful role model and care taker of me she was. Rest In Peace Grandma~forever and always you shall be with me in heart, and one day we will reunite again. Oh how GRAND THAT WILL BE!

16. Girl time shared with my Daughter~shopping trips, photo shoots, crafty moments together, a meal time get away, her reading ME BEDTIME(nap time) stories, the list is endless, as are our memories created.

17. Meeting and becoming friends with each of the girlfriends my Son has or has had are moments truly treasured. He's not so sure about the girlfriends that go from his life, that are still in my cell phone who have become very close friends of mine, but just because they part doesn't mean his Mom tells them farewell too. ha! There are MANY, AND THERE WILL BE MANY MORE I AM SURE! LOL...AND EACH ONE HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY LIFE AS WELL AS IN MY HEART~ :o)...just like he does too.

18. Picnic table time when the seasons are right for it in Kansas is something I soooo love.

19. Singing~even though my speech is broken from my accident, my singing voice is crystal clear, what a reason to SING TO THE LORD!

20. Faith~is a beautiful.

21. Encouraging both of my children to listen to the whispers in their soul, rather the noise in their mind~truly is a way to enlighten them that God speaks softly; while the devil screams, fills my heart with peace that if they take those words to heart, their own challenges will be few.

22. Inner peace forever knowing God has his arms around me is the ultimate feeling ever.

23. Recalling yester-year as my wee ones sweet were but babes, sharing with them humorous stories of those day that have passed ever fast are moments we share much laughter about time and time again.

24. Leading others to God is my calling as I dedicate as a friend in their lives.

25. Quiet time on the keys at night with friends or writing poetry when Darrin and Lela Mae slumber is always a nice way to end each day.

26. No POOR ME MOMENTS ALLOWED NOW OR EVER! There is a reason for everything, and Question God's intension~that I shan't do now or wcwe ahLL .

27. AWWW YES...being a special Secret Santa with Lela as my elf, has been especially meaningful delivering a FULLLL VEHICLE LOAD of wrapped gifts for not only children but entire families in need. Parents aren't left out just because they are adults. We opted to put From "Oakley Angels" from the start. This is one of our most meaningful Christmas season events.

28. Having a bit of cash locked up safe and sound that my DH knows nothing about has helped friends off and on through the years if they are in a dither that their car insurance is due and they are without. Rent. Groceries....medical bills.....what ever it may be. It is there for exactly that~when their hearts are heavy, and they share this with me....I use a restroom excuse and return with a note written with the funds inside a sealed envelope. A friend did this for me once, and it's meaning was beyond written expression, now I do the same for others I love.

29. Admiration for my Mom runs deep for the hard work she does alone at their zoo of more than 44 years, as well as caring full time for my disabled Father, and recently still working in the time to see that Lela and I are outstanding. She is my energizer bunny example that no matter how tired we may be, there's still enough energy to check on and look after another.

30. Facing medical challenges with a positive attitude, in the mindset that each day is a gift, is keeping me going~each and everyday.

31. shopping for clothing in the JR. ejection is a DELIGHT !

33. surprises are always wonderul.

34. online shopping is an adventure~here and there as need be for smaller and smaller

35. my passion is being at home, loving routine, without the thought of traveling anywhere ever!

36. Journaling for each of my children, my husband, my own personal journal, one for doctoring for my new doctor, and one that will be left to my extra special doctor who is no longer here in Oakley. It is one that he will receive one day with ongoing entries about still being a dedicated small town doctor who makes house calls, works around the clock just because his patients are his family, and extended thanks for having the faith in me to dedicate well over a $1,000 out of his own pocket as a gift to get me started toward being a lighter healthier me. What a great man he is!!!!

37. Awwww yessss mermaid time. The tranquility of get away bath time with candle light softly glowing is out of this world.

38. Twelve years later and still sharing a friendship with my AussieKnight, is and forever shall be precious in my soul.

39. Knowing a full recovery from my fall in June smething I will not give up on~ :o).

40. WOW TO BE 40,,,,what a blessing GRAND, with =======a positive mindsetis yet another blessing when my accident could have critical, but instead was an accident with many challenges to over come~and THAT I SHALL ACCOMPLISH!!! YEAHHHH!!!!

Tis the wee hours of Augus 16th...Thank you Lord for #40 for this birthday GRAND!

Rest well everyone, and back again I shall be hopefully sooner than laer~now off to bed I go to rest my weary eyes.

Much Love Always,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAT1212
    Happy belated birthday, Di!
    I haven't been on sparkpeople for ages, and I checked in with our group today, only to find i'm not the only one who's been away, lol.
    There was a link to this blog post, and I'm so glad I clicked on it.
    You're always such an upbeat and faithful.
    God bless!
    2728 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    I missed your birthday too! Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great day.

    I loved this blog entry....especially # 36 about being home and loving routine, me too!

    Take care and have a great weekend.
    2741 days ago
    OH MY GOODNESS... I missed your birthday....I am so sorry.. I have been literally missing in action so much lately due to puppy sales... hubs won't help at all on any of that... but NO EXCUSE FOR MISSING MY DEAR FRIENDS" BIRTHDAY.

    I love you so much and I want you to know you are thought of EVERYSINGLE DAY throughout the day.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this blog... you give so much praise to our sweet God. I pray healing and blessings for you my sister!

    2742 days ago
    2742 days ago
    Ah, we all are so blessed; so often we just don't take time to count the blessings. Thank you for the reminder.
    2743 days ago
    Happy Birthday!!! Your blog is emoticon emoticon for sharing!!
    2745 days ago
    Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing.

    2745 days ago
    Great reasons to CELEBRATE!!!! Enjoy your birthday.
    2746 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Beautiful thoughts xxx

    Thank you for sharing them with us emoticon
    2746 days ago
  • KAREN_01
    All wonderful reasons to celebrate!! May your day be blessed and your 40th year even more so. May love and joy follow you everywhere you are going in this year and in time to come.
    Happy Birthday, my Friend!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2746 days ago
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