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It's a New Week!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am so happy it’s the start of a new week, ‘cause maybe that means the bad stuff that just kept happening and happening last week will stop. We all have days, or weeks, where things don’t go the way we expect. And, we recover ‘cause we’re resilient. Nonetheless, I’m happy last week is over.

It started out Sunday morning. My left leg wouldn’t move. It wasn’t numb, it was simply not functioning. Oh well, it’s 4 am, I’ll read. Pull out the Kindle and the battery is empty. Where is the charger? Across the room. It might as well have been in the Sahara. Damn! That meant I can’t call Amazon and get a replacement. There is obviously an issue with this device since this happens every time I turn it off.

Then I realize my laptop is at the side of the bed, I can use Skype. Of course, I hadn’t configured Skype on that machine, but what else could I do since I was a prisoner in the bed. Got it set up and called. The new Kindle should be here Tuesday.

About 7:30, I decide it’s late enough to call someone. Settle on a friend and ring the house. Unfortunately I get her husband and he’s grumpy. I explain that I need his wife to come over, get the wheelchair out of the hall closet, hand me some jeans, and ferry me to the ER.

The two of them show up about half an hour later. While he makes us tea, she pulls clothes from the bureau so I can dress.

After the tea, he wants to know how I plan to get up the 6 steps in a wheelchair. I explain I’ll go out the back and wheel myself up the hill to the car park. That much works as planned and we’re off to the ER.

I explain the situation and tell them there is a current MRI and set of x-rays on file. The ER doc says I need a neuro guy, so we wait for over an hour. It’s the partner of the guy I’m scheduled to see, maybe this will speed up my appointment. (No!). He looks at the MRI, with my friend’s husband (he’s a vet, but he’s curious). The doc decides I need a steroid shot to bring down the inflammation and should be on a course of them until my appointment.

By 11, my leg was functioning again and off we went.

Monday, I set the microwave timer, or at least that was the plan. Unfortunately what I did was turn it on. And, of course, I went out to take the recycling and trash to their designated spots. I smelled something funny when I came in and realized the glass turner in the microwave was frying. Turned it off. The glass is a bit misshapen, but still usable.

The next day, a friend who’d stayed here, sent me an iPod as a thank you gift. Cool. Of course, the instructions on the Internet are a little off ‘cause this is a newer model so none of the pictures resemble my device. No worries. Kids can use them. I do manage to copy some CDs to my computer, but it took hours to work out how to then put them on the device. Eventually sorted it out.

Wednesday, feeling invincible from the steroids, I walked to the Y, did weight training, went back later and did power pump and spinning. I got dizzy during spinning and had to stop. I fell into bed when I got home and slept for 12 hours. The next day, I still felt off (perhaps ‘cause I burned well over 1,000 more calories than I took in.) At any rate, I took it slow and ate.

It was a like I had a bottomless pit. At the end of the day, I’d consumed nearly 1800 calories, way more than normal. (My weight still hasn’t recovered.) Made a note to myself to remember that steroids make me think I can do way more than I can and without pain, I don’t stop.

Yesterday was the real winner. I got up and set up the heating pad on my computer chair and logged on. Apparently my virus protection was not working brilliantly ‘cause I got infected with a Trojan. Couldn’t get it off. So, I unhooked the tower, figuring I’d bring it into Best Buy. Of course, they’re not open at daybreak, so I turned on the backup computer.

Of course, I’d never gotten around to configuring that properly and spent the next 2 hours on that. Then, I walked to the Y and did weight training. I was so hyper I figured it was a good use of the energy. By the time I got home, it was late enough to take to tower to Best Buy.

Geek Squad is my tech support. They know me well. They configured my computers and set me up with online backup so I can always access my files. To my surprise there’s someone I don’t recognize. I explain the problem and he shakes his head and says it will cost $200, so I probably don’t want to do that. What is the alternative? Only have 1 computer? I work from home, I NEED a working computer at all times. Finally, someone I’ve dealt with before comes over and takes my credit card. He agrees it’s the cheaper to get it removed than buy a new tower.

So, now it’s a new week and all the bad karma should be gone. And, perhaps, I’ll get my real computer back. The backup one just isn’t the same. I keep finding niggly things I never loaded, including bookmarks, or have to download files from the online backup.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow........This week has to be better for you. emoticon
    2679 days ago
  • FIREWIFE9900
    Wow~y!!! Hope this week goes much better for you!!!
    2679 days ago
  • KSW1963
    I hoping with you that this will be a better week. You deserve it! emoticon
    2679 days ago
    Yep, agreed...that is one SUPER week to put behind!

    Let's hope you've dealt with enough crud so things can start going your way now!

    2680 days ago
    Wholly buckets! That's one heck of a week you had. You are definitely due for a stress free and gremlin free week.
    2680 days ago
    No wonder you're ready for a new week. There are times that when one thing goes wrong, everything else follows suit. Poor gal, you've had a week of it. I hereby DECLARE that this week will be better! (But, darn, we both know I don't have that power; just wishing I did.) I am and shall continue to send you positive thoughts and best wishes.

    I'm hoping that your husband is on the way, can't help but think it would be good for you to have his loving, positive support at hand instead of across the world.

    Since your computer tower can be fixed, lets use that as a sign that your core tower (i.e., back) will be fixed, too. Let's assume that now you have something POSITIVE is going on, everything else will follow suit. Hopefully without surgery, but surgery has come a long way in the last few years.

    Glad you have this secure place to vent to friends who are holding your hand via cyberspace. You are loved, admired, respected and are ALWAYS wished the best.
    2680 days ago
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