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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This blog is dedicated to my Poker Lovers Team....

In the interest of being a well rounded girl, a few years ago I decided that I needed a hobby. I had just reached my goal and after spending a year obsessing over my exercise routine and every bite that I put in my mouth, I was ready to put my focus elsewhere. I'm one of those people who has always loved to play cards - starting with Old Maid at a very tender age. So when a friend invited me to play poker with her and some friends I was intrigued.

Wow! Poker! I hadn't played poker since -- Um, so many years ago that it involved clothes coming off...

What I found out when I went with her was that I had never played this kind of poker. In fact I hadn't even heard of it. Well, practically never. I wondered what the heck Matt Damon and Ed Norton were playing in the movie, "Rounders" but with those two guys on screen I hardly paid attention to the story line!

I'm talking about Texas Hold 'Em. You know, the kind that you see them playing in the World Series of Poker. Dark glasses. Hoods pulled up. Mystery abounds from players trying not to give any "tells".

My venue is a little more low-key: The VFW on Thursday evenings. I like it because it is a tournament format so once you pay your entry fee, that's all you can lose. If you finish well, you might even take home a little. I look at it as my weekly contribution to our veterans. Some of those "blue hairs" are pretty shrewd poker players!

I did discover something though. Even with an enjoyable hobby like playing cards, I still need to put quite a bit of focus on my eating and exercise. Maintaining weight loss can be a challenge - especially when they set out those little bowls of peanut butter filled pretzels or potato chips at poker.

I had a patient who had lost almost a 100 lbs. tell me once her neat little motivational trick that helped her to lose her weight and it was something tangible AND portable --
She would shop and try on something that she loved but instead of buying it in her current fit, she would buy it in a size down. Then instead of tossing the sales tag, she snipped it and carried it in her purse. Before any restaurant meal or other challenging eating situation, she pulled out the tag with the smaller size on it and took a good look to remind her that she had a reward waiting if she stuck to making wise choices.

I remembered that and decided that I'd like a little portable motivation too. I considered clipping the tag from something in my current goal size, but I happened upon something else when I was in Las Vegas at a conference and was looking for something I could get and use for a card cover (a small object that we poker players put on top of our "hole" cards that we are staying in the hand with, so the dealer doesn't mistake them for mucked cards). I saw a casino token that someone was using. Now casino tokens are by and large a thing of the past. Modern slot machines take your direct money and give you a ticket when it's time to cash out. Much cleaner!
So I went on the hunt for a casino token and found a website:
AKA Dan's Casino Tokens.

There I found a token from the Bermuda Playboy Casino. It came in a cool little collectors case and is about the size of a silver dollar. Great card cover and great reminder that in order to keep my new sexy size I needed to watch what I eat.

Yes, I carry it in my purse and pull it out at restaurants before I order.
AND, I put it on my cards at poker where I can see it plainly when---

They start passing those dang little peanut butter filled pretzels!!

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