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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is Day Ten in the Port Angeles and Surrounding Communities Team Challenge. My previous blogs explain the challenge.

So. Yesterday I pretty much sloughed off. I mean, I got some walking in, but not "walking!". I had intentions of doing my new ten minute videos when I got home, but by the time we got back, I conveniently put that intention off to the side and ignored it.

However, today was different. Today I inserted the DVD "Cardio Blast" with Coach Nicole (she who wants to see me drop!)

The workouts are ten minutes long, or there abouts.

The first one was okay. "Walk It Out" is for beginners, and while it got me moving and my heart rate up, it isn't all that strenuous.

Until she starts doing the knee thing.

We are supposed to lift our knees and bring down our arms at the same time. Right. My knee went up, and my arms went straight out to my sides. Other knee goes up, and my arms shoot up too. I watch HER do it the right way, and try again. Okay, I got it right one time, and moved over to the other knee. Arms get all akimbo again. This is not working out so well for me. But I keep trying, which is saying a lot for me. Never give up!!

Oh. Now we are doing these wide step things, and are supposed to be moving our arms, too. My feet and my arms do not get along well. Feet move, and arms get twisted around each other. Side step, wait for my arms to figure out the rhythm and catch up, but there SHE goes off to the other side.

Okay, switch directions to the right. I bump into my rowing machine. No doubt I will have a nice bruise on my shin from that one.

On the video, she is still doing that wide step thing, and I move to the center of the room so I won't bump into things, get the body going with arms all over the place, and then look at the screen again.

She has changed what we are doing. Now I am supposed to be doing knee bends center, right and left. With standing up in between. Like this: to the right, step, step, bend, Back to the center, bend, and step step bend to the left.

I am leaving out steps and trying stay caught up. I forget to bend in the center. Where the heck are my arms supposed to be anyway????

Step bend step step bend bend step bend.........I am moving, but certainly not like SHE is!

My heart rate continues to climb.

Now we are supposed to be doing something else, which we all know I will get totally screwed up with, but I give it a try.

Finally we are back to the marching in place. I can do this. SHE says to continue doing it because the next workout is coming right up! Oh Goody.

I spun a 2, which means I have 20 minutes with this torture queen.

'80s Aerobics: A fun flashback of oldies but goodies is the next workout.

I'm going along fairly well for the first four minutes, keeping right up, when she next says "Do the PONY!". HUH? Pony??

Somewhere deep in my memory bank is a dim idea of what "the Pony" USED to look like, but my body says "Forget it Chick. You are no Babe in the Woods, you know!"

I look at Nicole, and there she is, doing this jump like a fairy made of nothing but air, hopping and ponying it up. NO ONE can move that easily!! I am sure it is computer generated.

I don't hear any music, but perhaps it was playing.....who knows? I am trying to do the little hop hop hop jump jump jump thing like I see her doing, but mine is more thud, thud thud, bump, until feet get tangled up.

AW, the heck with even trying this one! I fast jog in place instead. At least my arms know what to do while I jog in place.

We do more workouts of various types, including BIG stepping to the side with a little hop..................we won't go there as to my efforts and what they must have looked like............and another one where we move "only the rib cage" back and forth, side to side. As long as I keep my arms straight out I can do this one, sort of.

After tortuous hours of entanglement, the ten minutes is up.

I do more walking in place for another 5 minutes, doing my cool down. Then I do some stretching.

I am very good at walking in place and stretching. In fact, one might even say I am close to being a master at those.

I wonder if I will get any better with the other stuff next time I try the video?

I also have not yet tried the other video I got, too. That one is Fit Firm, and Fired Up in 10 minutes a day with You-Know-Who!

It shows her jumping and smiling at the same time.

If she expects me to do that, she's NUTS!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LoL!! Happy to hear you survived the challenge!! emoticon
    2587 days ago
    LOL - That's why I like Leslie Sansone's DVDs. I can actually keep up with her most of the time and not feel like I'm incompetant.
    2591 days ago
    Oh, I'm laughing so hard I have the hiccups again. I keep thinking back to when she led us in kickboxing on one of the boot camps. Now I can kick and I can box, but not at the same time and certainly not when we were supposed to do it in the corners. Can anyone say "three left feet"?
    2603 days ago
    Loved reading this! I'm sure a lot of us can relate!
    2603 days ago
    You will definitely get better - looking forward to reading more blogs!
    2603 days ago
    Oh yes, I've tried to follow her on some of the exercise videos here online, and my attempts are worse--my body does NOT move and bend the way hers does, not no how, not no way. But hey, the heart rate goes up, the body glistens, and it's movement even if it's not exactly the 'correct' way, so it's all okay, right? Good for you!

    2603 days ago
    Ah, yes, smiling and jumping and not sweating while she works out. You've GOT to love that!!! LOL!
    2603 days ago
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