10 hour work days. All the things I left at home today. THERA BANDS! Soup!

Monday, August 09, 2010

10 hour work days are LAME.

Four cups of Trader Joe's Pomegranate White Tea has helped.

Its been a bad several days with the IBS. Its not so bad today, but yesterday and stabbing contractions were just awful, and I always had to pee. I did some research online and discovered bladder issues are not uncommon when it comes to IBS, something about intestinal flora affecting it, hence yeast infections. Well, it makes TOTAL sense.

Sadly, I ran out of the house today without the extra fiber tabs I was going to grab AND the extra Alive Superfood Multivitamins I meant to put into my purse. And my allergy pill and blood pressure medicine. Forgot ALL OF THAT. The 14 year old is sick and I really don't want to catch what she has, that would just be the end of me. Hence the reason why I was going to fortify with extra vitamins. The fibre was for my gut, my poor poor gut. I have lemon balm salve (left that at home as well) that is anti spasmodic so when I get home I can put that on. I can also have my Owens Acres Sun Tea Herbs which has lemon balm and calendula, soothing and anti spasmodic as well. Yep, that's at home as well.

I hope tomorrow I can remember what I want to bring to work. Wait! I can make a list!

See how smart I am?

I actually MOVED the other day. I busted out the Thera Bands (from my last stint with PT) and used them on my legs to strengthen my lower back. I did that for five minutes and was panting and sweating like I just ran a marathon but it felt good, and afterward I felt great! I found several websites that have accessories you can purchase for your Thera Bands (and purchase them if you don't already have them) as well as movements that target certain areas. Its resistance training for sure, but for those of us who haven't moved in a while and are just getting started and are a bit stiff and creaky, I highly recommend them.

Last week we had Thanksgiving in Summer at my house. Usually its Thanksgiving in July but this time we were a bit late. Yes, its what you think, TURKEY! POTATOES! STUFFING! PEAS! We have Central Air in the house so the heat from the oven didn't bother us. Now, the biggest thrill for me isn't the meal, its the leftovers. In other worlds, SOUP. FRESH SOUP with FRESH STOCK and TONS OF VEGGIES. I don't know how my friend makes her soup, I know for a fact she doesn't use a recipe, but whatever it is it is absolutely delicious. I pick out the turkey and go to town on the veggies and the broth. I can't really handle the pieces of turkey (especially the dark meat) but the broth from the fresh stock makes my entire body happy. Of course I look like a fool picking out the carrots, peas, grean beans, potatoes, onions celery and spinach out of the pot, but the result...I had about 12 oz of goodness last night and it was still hot. Filling? Absolutely. Most important, it was SOOTHING. Gentle on the stomach, a warm blanket on my psyche, you name it. The seasons will be changing soon and we are armed with soup recipes for the chilly days of fall and winter.

VEGETABLE STOCK IS JUST AS GOOD AS MEAT STOCK. I prefer vegetable stock, really, but there are recipes out there for excellent vegetable stock and vegetable soups. If I could I would live on soup when its cold out. With all of the stressors I have in life, and the fact that I tend to run high strung to begin with, soup is calming and relaxing and gentle and its WARMTH. Believe me, yesterday I was a mess and even though I was drowning in lavender and other essential oils while I was at work, I didn't start to feel better until I was in the car on the way home. I was finally AT PEACE when I sat down to my hot bowl of goodness.

It's the simple things in life that matter. I know I forget that when I am so stressed out I can't even think straight.
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