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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Last week was the most challenging weeks I've had in a long time. Monday, I fell off my bike trying to add miles onto my new challenge goal of riding 3000 miles by the end of August. I wasn't just content with 3000 miles by the end of 2010, which was my original goal. Anyway, I now have lots of road rash and was discharged from the hospital with a new metal rod in my left arm. I'm in a lot of pain but am mostly just bummed that I can't ride for a while. I had a 40 mile ride and picnic scheduled next Saturday with my cycling group, The Procrastinating Peddlers and a 50+ charity ride for the following week. That was in addition to the 20-30 mile daily rides that I had been doing. before the fall.

I am so grateful to my daughter, Jenni, who drove up from LA to help take care of me and to my husband, Gary, who has been very helpful and sportive since the accident. Also my love goes out to my son, David and his girlfriend, Sharmeen for their love and support as well as to all my friends and relatives that have been sending me good wishes and prayers.

This morning I found out that my mother passed away at the age of 87. She has been both physically and mentally ill for quite some time. I wish that we could have been closer but the sad truth was we just were not. I'm just glad that she will no longer be in any pain. I also hope that some day I can "properly" mourn her passing.

Monday, I start a new part time job. Luckily, it is something that I can do out of my home office and won't get in the way of my personal training business or my health goals. I will also figure out what kinds of physical activities I can do to make up for my loss of cycling. I've been staying on my healthy eating plan and hope not to regain any of the weight I lost before the accident.
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  • GATOR12
    Glad you suffered no worse injury (like head injury, we need all those cells working WELL) How exciting for your part time job and that your health changes won't set that back! I'm sorry about your mother and the relationship and nurturing you missed. It is not your fault or hers. Blessings!
    2752 days ago
    So sorry for your injury and your loss. It's never easy. Your commitment to stay on target and do other activity is admirable. I'm sure you'll do it! -Marsha
    2752 days ago
    I'm glad your injuries weren't too severe. I know it's disappointing to not be able to do your routine you've developed. But just try to rest and heal and know you'll get back to it as soon as you're well.

    I'm also sorry to hear about your mother.

    Good luck with the new job.
    2752 days ago
    Talk about piling stress upon stress! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your injuries. And the grace of time to heal from both any unresolved issues with and the loss of your mom.

    2752 days ago
    My heart so goes out to you! The best to you as you recover, heal and grow stronger from your recent road crash. I am so thankful that it isn't any worse than what it was. Which was serious enough.

    First you are to be commended for the fantastic goals you have accomplished already!!! As you take time to heal, relish in all that you have done this summer. Review them and rejoice in them . Things already accomplished that were only a dream for you in the past.

    You will certainly find something to substitute the cycling for now until you heal. Also, as far as your biking club/group sometimes it is good therapy to be there and volunteer to help with the SAGS, etc. You'll receive some great encouragement, you'll encourage other riders and find inspiration from volunteering that way.

    Isn't it great to know that loving support you get from hubby and your daughter in times like these? You are truly blessed.

    Last but not least, may the Lord comfort and bless you and yours in the passing of your Mom. I am thankful you wish her peace even though you weren't close. I am thankful for the honor you give her. Yes, may that time come that you can properly mourn. And it will, as just the right time for you.

    It won't do any good for me to say, "Hang in there!" Because you are already doing that. I am inspired by your positive outlook! Thank you.

    But I will say, "May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    traditional gaelic blessing

    2752 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/8/2010 1:55:40 PM
    Woah! You've gotten several years of challenges all in one week.

    My father also died when he was 87. I was living in Hawaii and he lived in NH when it happened. He was not part of my everyday life at the time. One of my biggest feelings was of relief for him. He had lived his life out the way he wanted. He was active, independent, and mentally sharp until the end. My mother died of Altizimer's several years earlier and my sister committed sucide. Dealing with both of those deaths was very hard emotionally for me. It maybe why I was so happy for him that he did not have to go through some of the things he feared. Grief is an ever changing bundle of emotions. There is no right or wrong of it.

    If your Mother's death does become an issue for you (and this might not come up until later in life when some other loss triggers buried feelings), think about a grief support group. Hospice runs them and perhaps others also. I didn't go to one after my Mom died. I didn't know about them. Six months after my Mom died, my best friend's husband died of cancer. She did a grief support group. After my sister died, I knew about them and reached out. They helped (as much as anything can help).

    Hope you can get to a good rehap set up that will help you get back to your biking as soon as possible.

    2752 days ago
    Good luck. And glsd you are all right.
    2752 days ago
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