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I walked in a 5K today

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Really that is nothing amazing, I know. As a matter of fact, I have walked in a 5k before, this year even. What made it different this time? I had a purpose. I went out to this walk to prove something to myself - that I CAN do it.

Compared to most, I am not really overweight. I just have a few pounds (10-13) to shed. I realized this year, though, that I am no different than any other overweight person out there. Like many, I ignored myself. I neglected to take care of the WHOLE me. THAT is why I was overweight. I loved food, mmmmm. I loved hanging on the computer, click click click. I loved sitting by the pool with a drink, sip sip sip.

I forgot that there are really 2 types of people, those who want and those who do. I forgot that children do what they want because it feels good and grown ups do what is right because the result will be good. For a long time I WANTED, but was not willing to DO.

I came home from vacation (and daily 3+ miles hikes in the Smoky Mountains over 8 days) and realized that I needed to grow up; that there were really no excuses that would work anymore. I had proven that I could walk a 5k - uphill as a matter of fact! I needed to start DOING and then I wouldn't want anymore, I would HAVE.

Now, I have turned a corner. Since that day, I have worked out 3 times a week faithfully. I hike every Saturday with my husband. Sundays are for relaxing. Sometimes relaxing means a day at the pool (boring) and sometimes it means a day in a kayak (super cool). Today I did not get to take my hike. I am bummed about that. Instead, I walked in a 5K and I walked with a purpose. I walked knowing that this would be the longest it would ever take me again to finish a 5k because next time I will RUN.

Watch for me Sparkers! If you are at a race, I expect a high five at the end, because there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line and I want to celebrate it with all of you! I will celebrate not because of our times or our distance but because we are MAKING IT HAPPEN!

PS - Official times have not yet been posted but my time was about 46 minutes.
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