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Please, I am pleading for HELP!

Friday, August 06, 2010

I am in a slump, and no matter what I do I cannot motivate myself to workout. i am really starting to feel depressed about it, I don't know what to do. Can any of my Spark Family help me? I lost 87lbs, at first I lost 19lbs and then an additional 68lbs later, and I weighed 160lbs, and I was so proud and happy. I have now gained back about 14 of those pounds, and I just can't find the motivation to make myself eat right or exercise for about 4 months now. What is wrong with me? Somebody please help me, PLEASE!!!!!!! emoticon
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  • SAX_88
    I'm feeling you.....I lost my drive in May.....I think sometimes it's just isolating yourself from everyone else that can take you off track. Remember, you are the sum of your choices. Choose wisely, and choose NEVER to give up. Glad you're reaching out for help. Find what helps and stick with it. Drop me a line anytime. Let's encourage each other. Sparks is like a swimming pool to me....everyone is either learning to swim, or improving their skills. NOBODY drowns here.....we help keep each other afloat........take my hand?
    2783 days ago
    Hey gerl, I am not a big exercise person, I have sickle cell disease and aerobic exercise can trigger a pain attack, but I have been trying to incorporate some exercise into my plan. Sometimes I feel like you do and I found that if I envision that tingly feeling I get when the endorphins kick in and I remember how good I felt after the exercise then I can get up and do something. Are you upset about something else in your life, work, relationships etc. Sometimes it helps me to imagine "the look on their faces" when I persevere and reach the goal. YOU deserve this, you've worked hard for it, don't let it slip through your fingers. Sometimes it helps me to remember all the things in my life that I have overcome (so what's a bit of exercise?) The fact that you reached out is the beginning of getting over this slump. You are on your way! emoticon
    2784 days ago
    maybe try a small step first, like doing another fast break week, and slowly build up from doing small exercises to getting back on track with your program. i know it can be discouraging when you feel like you've messed up, the past few days have been the same for me, i gained 11 pounds, makes me feel like i'm going backwards :/ but the important thing is to remember all that you've accomplished so far! and think about the road ahead. :) make a promise to get back on track, and even if you don't feel like it, do it anyways, and post it in a community where people can see it so that you feel obligated to fulfill that promise.
    2784 days ago

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    All are great comments. It helps to know we have the same experiences. Changing the workout clothes, new scenery for walks, new music, new DVD or new work out partner helps me.

    Hope you get back on track. You have accomplished so much, keep in mind that you have proven you can do it!

    2785 days ago
    10 min,of any movement is good to do per hours acted. 10 step,just walk in plays and write just 10 words per hour WHY I Want This? before you know it you will be back on the street moving to that goal. You are not a lone for I've been there and other here too.
    2785 days ago
    Put some cash on the line - prebook and prepay a personal trainer. That way if you don't show up, you're losing out twice, once in the health department and once in the wallet.

    Or, take a wager with friends that you can lose X amount of lbs in the month.

    If you cannot motivate yourself, use methods that hurt you in other ways. Deprive yourself of something you really enjoy until you've done X hours in the gym or physical activity.

    Sometimes it's necessary to use negatives to kick start yourself if you're flagging, instead of caving in to it because you simply don't want to be bothered.

    Hang in there, you will get past this. ;)
    2785 days ago
    When I get in that kind of slump, I realize I need to "fake it 'til I make it". Whether I have the motivation or not, I cannot allow myself to go for more than 2 days without exercising because it is a slippery slope. On the third day, I will force myself to exercise for at least 15-20 minutes. At that point, I often find myself doing 20-30 minutes once the endorphines kick in.

    2785 days ago
    There is nothing wrong with you - we all have slumps and many of us have gained back weight we lost for good (even if it is just a few pounds). Remember you are not down and out. You care enough about your health and your body to reach out to your Spark Friends, so build on that. You can do it!! Focus on the positive and on making little changes. Don't beat yourself up. You are an awesome person, don't forget that.

    Stand firm and remind yourself - I can do this! I will do this!

    2786 days ago
    Every day is a new day! Start small with goals you can accomplish. Don't look at the mountain you have to climb; look at the 10 steps in front of you and get them done one at a time. Celebrate the small victories.


    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2786 days ago
    I find that when I don't "want" to work out, I have to MAKE myself put on my walking shoes and drive to the trail. Once I'm there and moving, it feels so good. I bought a spin bike on Craigslist and I ride that when my ankle is hurting too much to walk. I set up a movie on the laptop and try to keep my mind off of the fact that I'm not enjoying the riding. Most days, it's an effort to make myself work out, but I think about how good I feel afterwards (and how many extra calories I've burned) and, like the Nike ad, I Just Do It. I have also found that I have to mix it up. I really do enjoy the Turbo Jam videos. They are anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes.

    If nothing else, just walk out the front door and go around the block. The suggestion for starting with just 10 minutes is right on and very doable. I think you'll find that eventually, after 10 minutes, you'll want to keep going!
    2786 days ago
    "Good for you" for reaching out to your SP family! Like the others said, you've done this before and you are SO worth the effort! Set up your streaks...They are SO motivating! I'm convinced, you CAN do this! Believe in yourself, you can do it!!!
    2786 days ago
    We all have this demon that can pop up at any time. You have so much to be thankful for. Of my 60 pounds I've only lost 10, so you have what it takes to do this. Sometimes you have to remember that by losing you are saving your life and adding years to yourself. Don't get caught up in the emotional whirlwind and remember that life is for the living, not for those in a slump on the bench. You can do anything you put your mind to. Get back on the ride of life and do you. emoticon
    2786 days ago
    Remember that you did it before and you can and WILL do it again. Refocus, follow your program, and do not worry about the scale so much, as it can lag behind your progress. We are all about changing lifestyles and being healthy.
    2786 days ago
    You CAN do this. It starts with every choice you make...just start small and go from there. As they said ahead of me..start with just 10 minutes of exercise and build from there. Start your streaks again. You can do this...we all have faith in you!!! emoticon
    2786 days ago
    It is a vicsious cycle, and will continue to feed upon itself-unless you take back the control. Sometimes it is like the old Nike saying of just do it! Look at what you have accomplished! You know it is possible, and even the slump is a time of re-evaluation and learning. The best thing is you obviously haven't given up on yourself because you are here.
    Journals are great tools in situations like this. Particulartly when you note the mood and situation which you are in. I suffer from a clinical depression, and some of what you are describing are a few of my red flags. emoticon
    On a brighter note, when I first began the exercise part I hated it. However, when my emotions are getting the best of me I do something simple short walk in sunshine, wii or wii games etc. I am not very athletic and am learning how at this point.
    I am going back to water therapy for an injury. I understand that there is little that can take away the pain, and frustration, I have had nine months of it. I suppose it simply takes a place where you no longer can stand where you are, and become willing to do what it takes to make the changes. Nothing is wrong with you! I would only hope for you that if your feelings don't begin to lighten rule out a clinical or situational depression.
    I wish I had some magic words which would get you where you want to be. You are strong, beautiful, and doing the right thing. You are not alone. The bottom line, however, is you have to do the work.
    Best wishes, and hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    2786 days ago
    You can do it!! You have come so far, you can't give up now!

    I would recruit the troops, so to speak. This blog entry is a good start, but maybe track down someone you can talk into working out with you for a few days a week for a week or two. Then you have to go, and it might be enough to get you back into your groove. It doesn't even need to be your normal workout, you can go for a walk if you normally do the gym, or ride a bike if you normally walk.

    Make it FUN and MULTIPURPOSE!

    Remember, if you can make it through this slump, you'll be golden! Just do it until it feels normal again.
    2786 days ago
    When I'm in a slump, it's usually because I'm bored. Whatever fitness you were doing before, throw it out the window. Try something new! It might be just what you need to kickstart it again.

    Also join Spark's official 10 minutes of exercise a day challenge. As Edwina said, just start with 10 minutes; it's absolutely doable!

    2786 days ago
    Would exercise be more palatable for you if you did it in smaller units? Right now, all I am doing is walking and I am breaking it up into three sessions. I go for a mid-morning (10 - 15 min), lunchtime (15 - 30 min), and afternoon (10 - 15 min) walks. Basically, I use the walking to get away from my computer for a few minutes to clear my head and it works. It doesn't feel like some monumental task when I break into small units like that. Give it a try!

    As for what it "wrong" with you, I'd say you are normal, like me and most of the other people on the this site. Nearly everyone has peaks and valleys in motivation. The fact is, you have down some tremendous work and seen fantastic results. Look at where you were before you started and where you are now. You can't tell me you're not proud of that! I'll bet this is just a temporary setback, just a bump in the road toward your goal. Jump back into those habits that have gotten you this far and you'll get there. Good luck!
    2786 days ago
  • JRIMM4
    In addition to Edwina172 said; Just decide to do it. There is a difference between wanting to do it, and deciding to do it. It's a mental shift, I'm sure you've experienced before. For me it comes when I decide to 'just do it' whatever 'it' may be.

    Slumps are no fun to forge our way through but keeping at it is the only thing to do. The alternative is to give up, which is unacceptable.


    2786 days ago
  • EDWINA172
    Sometimes its hard for me to find motivation too. You're at the right place. I read Sparkpages and blogs to see what other people are up to. It might give you an idea of a different exercise to try. Just start with 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes. Hope you have a great weekend. You can do this. You are worth it!~
    2786 days ago
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