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Baby Nina Constance is here!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Baby Nina was born yesterday, August 4th (one day before her due date), at 5:15am...she is 8 lbs, 21 1/2 inches and gorgeous!! She is so healthy and beautiful, my husband and I are pinching ourselves that we are so lucky to have another perfect little daughter. Here's her birth story...

I had been having irregular contractions starting on Sunday. They lasted on and off all day. Then, Monday...nothing. I was so frustrated as I was ready to get the show on the road, so to speak! LOL! Then Tuesday at 1pm I lost my mucous plug. I laid down for a nap while Maeve slept and awoke at 3pm to my water breaking! I called my husband and's time!!! I called my Mom to come get Maeve and Molly, our dog. All the false labor I had been experiencing the previous 2 days had kicked us into high gear. Everything was clean, bags packed, lists checked twice, garbage out, etc. After we kissed my daughter Maeve good-bye it was like clockwork. Contractions started at 3:40pm.

And they were fast and furious! My husband and I labored at home and within 4 hours I was having 60 second contractions, 3 minutes apart. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't talk through them. We headed to the hospital and were checked in at triage. I had planned to do a totally med-free birth but at 11:30, after 7 hours of laboring through the most pain I had ever felt in my life, I begged for an epidural. My husband was so great as a coach through it all. He could tell that I really needed the relief as I was like a wild animal...eyes rolling back in my head, unable to get on top of the contractions that were coming 1-2 minutes apart. They got me the epi and the relief allowed my body to sleep a bit.

Here's where the one scary part came in. I awoke after a brief doze to the nurse coming in the room with 20 other medical attendants. There was a great commotion. They through an oxygen mask on me and had three people try to turn me on all fours (as I my legs were like dead weight). I was shaking uncontrollably from sheer adrenaline and fear. Derek looked pale as a ghost, as I turned to him and said, "What's going on?!"

Apparently, I dilated so quickly from 7 to 10 centimeters and the baby descended so quickly in the birth canal that her heart rate plummeted. We heard people mentioning c-section and I thought I would pass out from fear that the baby was in danger. And then, just like that, her heart rate came up. Everything was fine and everyone left the room. It was I had just had a bad dream.

The next few hours were just a waiting game of the baby descending from +1 to +3. At 5pm I had the urge to push. My midwife, Derek and our lovely nurse were holding up my legs. They got a mirror set up so that I could watch her come out. I pushed for 15 minutes...and she was here in all her perfect pink, screaming glory! It was overwhelmingly beautiful. I was so happy that she was healthy and that I had delivered vaginally after having had Maeve by caesarian. Recovery has been sooo much nicer compared to recovering from a c-section.

We are so in love with our little Nina Constance. We chose Constance to honor Derek's wonderful mother. Nina...we just loved. It means, "grace" in latin, "strong" in Native American, "beautiful eyes" in Indian and "little girl" in spanish. And Maeve is beyond adorable with her little sister. My Mom and Dad brought her to the hospital right away. She walked in the room and immediately said, "Baby sister! Maeve hold her? Maeve needs her." The pics we took of her with Nina are just so beautiful...the love was instant. We take our newest bundle of joy home tomorrow and Der's parents are coming from Boston to stay with us for the weekend. Here are some pics from our amazing last 48 hours. Thank you to all of my sparkfriends for their amazing support and encouragement. I feel so lucky and happy to be able to share my joy with you all! Much love! emoticon emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats my sweet and wonderful friend! She is her Mommy!

    2752 days ago
    congrats on another precious baby girl! i'm nervous to try and have a vaginal delivery this time around because i had a c-section last time and the recovery wasn't bad for me at all. but you look amazing for having just delievered a baby....

    congrats again :)
    2752 days ago
    AWWWWW oh my goodness!! what a wonderful story *tear*!!! im so glad everything went well! and your pictures are SOOO precious!! what a beautiful picture of you and nina, and then with your husband, AND the ones with your daughter are SOOO precious! God bless you guys, i am so happy to hear everyone is doing well!!

    oh and PS: just listening to you say you got an epidural was like SOO relieving to me lol. i would have got one if i had to have gone any longer! after going through it all i do not recommend natural to anyone haha! i had to have a spinal tap in the OR after my delivery, it was like the most relieving feeling after everything i had just gone through lol!
    2756 days ago
    Congratulations! I love your story and your pictures!
    2756 days ago
    Congratulations - what beautiful pictures! The love is radiating from everyone! I hope your first weekend with her and your family is just and beautiful and lovely!
    2759 days ago
    Congratulations! What a beautiful story and beautiful pictures!
    2759 days ago
    I am so happy everything turned out well for you and your precious child. I wish you a speedy recovery from your difficult birthing. Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Your family is beautiful beyond words!

    2759 days ago
    Congratulations! A great story... despite the drama. I love the pictures of Maeve with Nina (love both names btw). So precious! Congratulations again!
    2759 days ago
    Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful new daughter! Thank you for being so generous in sharing your miracle of life with us. Health, peace and joy to all of your family in the coming days. And sleep too!!
    2759 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your story! You must feel so proud of your body for working the way you wanted it too. That second pic is too precious of Maeve snuggling the baby.
    2760 days ago
    Congratulations! What a cutie!
    2760 days ago
    omg how precious! You look fabulous as well, I'm pretty sure I'll look like a train ran me over after I give birth. Your family is way too adorable!
    2760 days ago
    What an amazing VBAC story! I'm so glad you got your VBAC! I attempted one last time, but it didn't happen for me. This time, we're scheduling a c-section. Either way, birth is beautiful and the love is always instant! Congratulations...what a beautiful story!
    2760 days ago
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