Do you ever just want to punch the wall?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I did this morning, and here's what I got out of it:

-I am still struggling with prioritizing. What is a real problem, and what is just a pain in the butt. Don't let the latter (or the former for that matter) get you down--it's not worth the stress and the pity party
-For me, stress = IBS = no fun :( But you know what? It could be worse. Other than IBS I am in perfect health, I have a supportive boyfriend and family who will not let me fall.
-Just think about what you are thankful for :)
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    I love that you admitted that there's no reason to be upset at the parking authority. So many people (myself included at times)get angry at whatever authority they get a ticket from or face a consequence based on their own forgetfulness or neglect of the law. Good for you!
    I just caught up on like 4 of your blogs, so I'm going to sum up my respective comments on this one!
    1. I left a comment on your bridal shower blog, but your second rant on that left me thinking about how big of a deal people make the wedding out to be. Although, yeah, it's a big deal and you're going to look back on it for the rest of your life, the most important part is the marriage, not the wedding. People prepare for months and sometimes YEARS for ONE DAY of their life and don't prepare themselves for the compromise and love they will need to give in a marriage. The wedding ceremony is really short and expensive. Anyway...
    2. I got my husband to do some of NMTZ by JM on Tuesday and he has whined at me ever since about being sore!! hehehe! I loved getting him to do that video because he's very reluctant to attempt my exercise routines and likes to stick to what he knows. Needless to say, he now respects my workouts as he now understands how intense they can be. (Which I'm not saying i've been consistently working out....bad me!) But Oh man I could never get him to do yoga with me!
    3. Debt sucks. College prices suck. But I love your NYU shirt from the running blog! Very cute! I do not envy you the studying you will be doing for the next few years, but that's pretty cool that you have a goal for when you're 40-50.
    4. Not because I blog about him, but because he tends to look at me funny and make me nervous when I vlog, I am also shy to do it when my husband is around. It's this sort of personal thing and it feels embarrassing to tape yourself talking with someone else in the room! So I'm with you there!
    5. You are a super blogger! It's been like one a day all week! Wow!
    I think that's it...have a great weekend!
    2782 days ago
  • KARENE10
    I also enjoy watching your vlogs. You do turn negatives into positives and you have a great attitude. Sorry to hear about getting your car towed,luckily Pat seems like he's a huge help. As for the IBS,I get that on and off a lot(always have pepto in my handbag,and know where every bathroom is at every store:)but as you said-things could always be worse. Hope today is awesome!
    2782 days ago
    Hi! I enjoy watching your Vlogs.

    Sorry you had a rough morning...I hope your day got better.

    Have a great Friday and weekend!!

    2782 days ago
    This is the first time I've ever watched you. I LOVED it!!! You really made me think about things and think that maybe I need to stop punching my wall *so to speak* and do something else... thanks!!!

    2782 days ago
    I'm so sorry you had a rough morning! Its good you don't let it get to you too much. To answer the question of your title... yes i have wanted to and i have hit the wall lol!

    Wish i had seen this blog much sooner. I love your attitude and its very motivating and helpful. So thank you!

    And with Grad school- first congrats on that! and second remember that you can do it. Do not think anything else. Thoughts have more energy than any of us realize!!

    And i'm a basketcase too! Yay! :P

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2783 days ago
    UGH that sucks soooo bad.
    You are in a better mood than I would have been in.
    I have been having a mini pitty party today about something... and you made me really think about it... You're right... we should be thankful.

    I love how you keep turning things around.

    Good luck getting your car back today!!!! Better give your bf a big kiss for taking you on his lunch break!
    2783 days ago
  • DANAB1106
    My condolences..I'm kind of a nut case" that is my favorite quote for you!

    Meh! I am sorry you have a poopy morning, but I love the positive spin...it has motivated me to do a positive blog this evening as well...I will need it since the air is out again at work and the high will be 104...lovely!
    2783 days ago
  • AMJ0710
    1) I understand you not wanting Pat around spark in a way. My bf knows about spark too and knows I blog on it... but this is kind of " my thing" that I do that hes not involved it... and thats ok, everyone needs their own " thing".

    2) Sorry about your car! ... at least that wont be happening again. lol. but at least your not letting it ruin your day... glad your going for your run! may help with your stress!

    3) Another thing we all do besides get parking tickets or towed is that we all take a jobs we get under paid for . hang in there and as you said... more jobs may come from it and you can always talk to him about it another time. Way to stay positive today!
    2783 days ago
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