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Blame It On The Rain...Or Lack Thereof

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Monday nights are my walk-home night. I get in my 2.5 miles before I succumb to the power of The Bachelorette on t.v.

Yesterday I was already having trouble with the whole idea of walking home. I was tired and I really didn't want to miss a second of the highly anticipated (by me) season finale. As I attempted to sneak out of the house without my running shoes in tow, the scientist says to me "Aren't you walking home tonight?"..."Yes" I say tentatively. He looks at my feet in my cute little gladiator sandals... "In those shoes?" Drat. Foiled. I grabbed my runners and a pair of socks, shoved them in my bag and went about my way.

Even though I realized by the time I got to the bus that I had also forgotten my iPod at home, by the time I got to the end of the day I had convinced myself that walking home would be the best thing for me anyway. It wasn't going to be that bad - I could hoof it and still make it there in time to watch Ali choose between her two dream guys. Decision made - I was walking home.

In roll the ominous looking storm clouds. Seriously? I had just finished convincing myself that I was going to get my exercise in and I was actually liking the idea for the first time all day. Did I mention they were ominous? I didn't have an umbrella, so disappointed, I opted not to risk a severe drenching and hopped on the bus home.

30 minutes later - no rain. In fact, by the time I got home, the skies seemed to have cleared. The sun wasn't exactly shining, but you couldn't call the few drops I felt on my head a "severe summer storm" - thanks a lot local weatherman. I could have walked and I would have made it home unscathed! But now it was 5 minutes to show time and there was no time left to exercise.

I felt guilty. I had to do something. I just started the "1000 Fitness Minutes in August Challenge" and so far I was doing poorly. Well...then I was just going to have to do something after watching t.v. But what? It was going to be 10pm by the time the show was over (with the special 'After The Final Rose' segment as well). It would be dark and I didn't want to be out in my neighbourhood after dark alone. Walking for only 30 minutes would be fine, but that's not much of a burn for the day.

I finally decided on the best and fastest option - W1D1 of C25K training. Despite my fear of starting the program, it seemed like the easiest choice and at that point in time I was out of other cardio options. I already had the program downloaded onto my iPod. It was something that I could do relatively quickly and still feel like I'd gotten a good workout in. And I could rope the scientist into going along with me so I wouldn't be alone! Perfect. I was doing it! I threw on my sports bra and workout pants and laced up my runners.

And then I did it! I officially started the Couch to 5K Running Program! No turning back now. And it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Granted I was sucking air like nobody's business by the time round 8 of 60-second runs came around, but I made it through. And my exercise euphoria afterward was ridiculous. The scientist thinks it's funny. He says it's like I'm high - literally. I get very giggly and think pretty much everything is HILARIOUS. Not a bad way to end the day :)

This is me becoming a runner. All because of a little rain. Or lack thereof!
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