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I Spun an 8 on Day 3

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Well, here I am, on Day 3 of the Port Angeles and Surrounding Areas Team challenge. I seriously doubt I will live till day 4, to say nothing of Day 10!!

Spinning 8 means I had to do 80 minutes of cardio today. Yesterday I did 70, and nearly died then. The very fact that I am writing this means I lived long enough to reach today.

I have this thing about challenges. I can't do much without one, and when I get one, I go hog wild.

Today I timidly approached the spin wheel, hoping for a 1 or 2. Those would be manageable.

BUT 80????????? Ye Gads!!

I tell DH that I will probably divide it up throughout the day. But then I get started in with a cardio video by my nemisis, Nicole.

Some of you may know about my encounters with Nicole in the past, and I think you know what I think of her and her "easy workouts", her "ten minute workouts" and especially her "boot camp" video.

The woman is out to get me. I just know it. Today was further proof.

I do the kick boxing video, or at least KIND OF do the kick boxing video. I do okay at the beginning, keeping up with her just fine.

This was the marching in place part. Then she speeds it up, and I am doing fairly well with that too.

I can even do the side kicks, keeping up. that's because I was hanging on to the desk while doing them.

The front kicks are a little bit more of a challenge for me, so I begin goose stepping all over the house, kicking out at each step. Of course, I am not getting my legs up nearly high enough, but I am beginning to glisten, so I don't stop.

I manage to get through that video and stupidly click on her jump rope one.

Right. Me. Jumping rope. I don't have a rope (probably a good thing for Nicole), but it is okay. I can pretend to have one in my hands.

Ok. She starts me out with little jumps. I forgot to put my sports bra on, and soon realize I can't twirl the rope and jump, because I have to hold my bouncing balls. But at least I jump.

Nicole puts on this smiley face which I have learned to distrust with good reason, and she says to jump higher.

Listen, Funny Girl. This jumping thing is getting out of hand. I mean, at least I am getting both feet off the ground at the same time, which is a major accomplishment.
Lift my knees higher?? Right. I jump about 2 inches higher, hanging on to my hooters, for about 90 seconds.

Rivulets of glisten are running down my face and in my eyes. I don't wipe them away for fear of losing my grip on my boobs, so I get stinging eyes, which cause tears.

I am in great shape here, I want you to know. I am jumping around like an idiot with my eyes tearing up due to the glisten pouring in them, hanging on to you-know-whats, and she says "Remember to BREATE!".

She actually expects me to be able to do this all at ONCE? Doesn't she know that my ship is sinking??!!

God shows great mercy, and the jumping stops. We are back to a marching step now. I can reach the towel and wipe off my face while still marching. Two things at once.........not bad, eh?

Okay enough of that nonsense. Time for some low impact aerobics. To Rock and Roll music.

Somehow, the music betrays me, because I am doing aerobics to the beat of "At the Hop". This is not low impact! thankfully, the song finally ends, and my glisten is back running down my entire body now.

I get that finished, and still have time left to reach the challenge.

This will NEVER end!

DH saves me by having to go to town and he needs me to go with him. Ok. I use the opportunity to be sure to clip on my timer and pedometer, and off I go with him.

Just curious, I peek at the pedometer as we pull back into the driveway.

Proof there IS a God! I did 1.5 miles in 41 minutes.........exactly what I needed to complete the 80 cardio minutes today.

I'm saved. Until tomorrow. That damned spin better be under 3!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love reading your blogs!! You capture the way I'm sure most of us feel doing these workouts!! I know I look downright ridiculous about 95% of the time! I do the cardio kickboxing daily, but its far more flailing around than actual kickboxing! Co-ordination is not one of my strong suits! I tried the jumping one, once...yeah, not a "girls" friendly workout! I spent the whole time hanging on to my hoo-has like they were trying to fly off too!! emoticon 80 Cardio Minutes...Way To Go!! That is impressive!! emoticon I'm sending all the "low number spin" vibes I can muster your way for tomorrow!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2783 days ago
    OK, now you've done it! I've got the hiccups and they won't go away. Holding my breath just makes everything come out my nose, and let me tell you it isn't glisten!
    I'm impressed that you could do the kickboxing video. I can sort of do the moves until we get to kicking to the side. All of a sudden by right and left legs decide to change places. So glad I'm well endowed, the girls saved my poor nose from destruction.
    Here's hoping you get a 10 or a 25 tomorrow.
    2784 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    OMG you poor thing! I'm SOOOOOO geeked that you made it through all 80 minutes though.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2784 days ago
    Rotten luck, Sandy. I got lucky and spun a 10 today, so I only have to do 10 minutes. I never want to spin and 8!
    2784 days ago
    Reading this put a emoticon on my face....Been there done that, but I must admit not for 80 minutes. My stationary bike is dead in the water so I'd be really out of luck. But my "girls" sure wouldn't like all that bouncing either......
    You go Girl....Your doing it and that's.. emoticon Now reward yourself with 3 or 4 hours at the sewing machine. emoticon
    2784 days ago
    Maybe you'll get lucky and get a 10--if it's double digits you only have to do that many minutes, right? That'd be even better than a 3 . . . of course, you wouldn't get as good a workout and we wouldn't get nearly as fun a blog out of you!

    2784 days ago
    Reading that put a huge smile on my face.
    2784 days ago
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