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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

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    Loved your V blog. totally inderstand the not wanting to track everything. It is probably the number 2 reason that I went off of the wagon in Dec and gained all my weight back. I just couldn't get back to doing it in a way that didn't take all day.
    My 2 solutions are
    1. Figure out everything that I am going to eat the night before, print it and then yellow out as I eat stuff.
    2. For the first time this week, I used the meal plan that Spark wrote for me, tweaked it just a bit and printed up the grocery list and went to the store and bought what I needed and am eating pretty close to their menu plan. I have added a few ingredients, like tonight I added onions and soy sauce to a pretty bland rice dish. It spiced it up just enough and I didn't go over my sodium or my calories.

    So in concusion, not tracking can get you in trouble tread lightly in that direction, See if doing it in advance doesn't work out for you. And do not leave the team. I just got here.
    2769 days ago
    I'm the same way! I dont run.. but I WANT to run! :)
    Dont leave the team :) we love you! Cant wait until we all reach some of our goals! keep it up, 5 minutes on the elliptical will soon turn back into your 45 minutes!
    2780 days ago
    :D You vlogged! I've missed them! Woot!
    2782 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi there,
    I like the way that you are reflecting on your behaviors and the way they affect your health, weight and fitness. It almost seems to me that you are being too hard on yourself and are trying to do too many things at once. That makes things hard and can push us in the wrong direction. Do you have written goals? (Long term which are usually the easiest, medium range and short-term?) If you remember to when you joined, you selected 3 fast break goals that seemed a bit easy. Those are so important and you might want to revisit those or select 3 new ones to add a bit of life into your plan. I'd be willing to lend you a hand with those if you need it.
    I guess the reason I mentioned this is that you mentioned several times that you were working on different things. They are all good things, but you are really pressuring yourself. This needs to be something to give you energy and help you to feel good, and if you have to bug yourself so much the fun and energy disappear.
    You have made a lot of progress and you have a lot of great ideas. Please be nice to yourself too--you work hard and deserve that.
    Gentle hugs,
    2783 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I'm reading the "BECK DIET SOLUTION" which isn't a "diet" book, but she teaches how to think like a thin person. (I got a copy at the library.) We have a support team here.


    1. I’ll look better.
    2. I’ll be more attractive.
    3. I’ll be able to wear a smaller size.
    4. I’ll be able to wear nicer clothes.
    5. I’ll like what I see in the mirror.
    6. I won’t feel so self-conscious.
    7. I’ll be healthier.
    8. I’ll be able to exercise without discomfort.
    9. I’ll live longer.
    10. I’ll feel better.
    11. I’ll have more energy.
    12. I’ll be fitter.
    13. I may actually have romance in my life!
    14. I’ll like myself more.
    15. I’ll feel like I’ve achieved something important.
    16. I’ll be MORE CONFIDENT.
    17. I’ll have more self-esteem.
    18. I’ll be less self-critical.
    19. I’ll be more outgoing.
    20. I’ll do more things!
    21. I won’t have to listen to anyone commenting on what I’m eating.
    22. I won’t have anybody bugging me re: my weight.
    23. It might help my career.
    24. I might make friends in the vicinity.
    25. I might get a new love life.
    26. My back won’t hurt any more.
    27. People won’t make snide comments behind my back.

    Cravings are usually more emotional and physiologically intense than hunger. The moment I decide I will ABSOLUTELY NOT EAT cravings will diminish.
    When I experience a craving my attention gets fixated on food. It is important to remember that the experience of eating goes far beyond the actual time that food is in my mouth - It includes everything that happens afterward: feeling weak, guilty and out of control and gaining weight. In the past when I tried to diet, I gave into cravings, and I felt upset with myself.
    I know I don't care at this moment, but pretty soon I'm going to feel really bad that I ate this. When I get on the scale, I'm going to care very much. If I don't learn to resist eating food I'm not suppose to have, I'll never be able to keep off the weight I lose.
    I have to become an expert at resisting all food that I haven't planned to eat. If I want to lose weight and keep it off, I just can't eat what I want unless it is on my plan.
    I am choosing to say NO CHOICE.
    If I want to lose weight, I have to do what I need to do, not what I feel like doing.

    Successful dieters and maintainers stay successful because they don't eat whatever they want, whenever they want it. They stick to their plans.
    It is true that I don't care at this moment. But if I eat this unplanned food, I'm going to care quite a lot in a few minutes. I know I'll feel really bad if I give in now, but I'll feel really terrific in a few minutes if I resist. I need to do something else!
    2783 days ago
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