Rejection is not a Reflection

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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  • GEKKO1
    I know this is weird, but i follow blogs, that i never comment on. I have followed two blogs for months that I have never commented on until recently. Not that i didn't have anything to say, but i thought what i had to say was either unimportant, or too shallow to be said. It was a "me thing", not the vlogger.

    Sometimes people just like to check out what's going on, and have no opinion, suggestions, or insight in which to give. Your vlogs are viewed by more than those who comment, but not everyone leaves a comment.

    Don't think it's rejection, it's just a slow day!

    You're doing fine!

    2696 days ago
    I'm the same way regarding no comments = rejection. *sigh* I've said it on my livejournal before "Comments = love to me", and sometimes it's been a struggle not to take it personally. But the fact is (as you've seen here in the comments on THIS blog) there are a LOT of reasons why people might not comment, and none of them are a personal rejection - promise. :)

    Hang in there okay? Keep in mind that if you don't friend people back, unless they actually subscribe to your blog(which I'm going to be proactive and go do now) they may not see it in their "friend feed". emoticon
    2696 days ago
    *frowns*... I, too, am on DIAL-UP (live out in the country where DSL is NOT offered) so vlogs are impossible at this time.

    So, my buddy, your written blogs are accessible!

    Best wishes and have a great weekend (want to come down and play some softball *winx*)

    2696 days ago
    I usually view and comment on all your vlogs, but I have been MIA with watching vlogs the past few days. I am glad that you can look back and not take it personally. You are here for the reasons that you have set for yourself.. and I enjoy hearing what you have to say.. I feel like you are evolving in your posts. :)

    2697 days ago
  • KIMS76
    It's ok. I get that too. Its seem's the deeper I go into why my physical health got out of control on my blogs, the more alone I start to feel in my situation. But I don't see it as a rejection. I see it as sometimes, people really just don't know what to say. Sometimes people are blown away by the things we choose to share, and sometimes it's their own fear that keeps them from replying. Either they realize they must dig deeper within themselves, or they worry they may say the wrong thing and offend you or make the situation worse. Self reflection takes alot of courage and I commend you for that. Some of the things I have wrote about in my blogs are EXTREMELY personal. There were many times I would bare my soul and then think, should I really say this, and delete it, but then it would be on my mind and I'd have to go type it up again. Regardless of how open and naked it makes others feel (because I think seeing people's insides frightens the hell out of most), it helps me on my journey, which I am sure your sharing with others helps you. But, sometimes I think, the best support comes from just listening and not saying anything at all because a journey like this is about supporting the one who is on it and not steering them in a direction thats off their path (if that makes any sense, sorry sometimes its hard to express my thoughts in words its more of a sense or a feeling). Unfortunately, we do have to figure out things on our own because we are the ones living through the journey. But, I do understand. Sometimes, its nice to hear someone say, "Its going to be alright", or, "You will make it!" or, "You will get there", or any number of things that will give us comfort in that moment.

    And I apologize, as one of your Team Leader's I should be keeping up with everyone on the team and giving them support where needed and if I have fallen short of that I am sorry. I have not been spending as much time at Spark as I should. I've been spending alot of time thinking and planning and re-structuring my life because most of my life I have made poor decisions where my health and fitness was concerned and its wierd. One morning, I woke and had an epiphany and I have been on a roll ever since with working out and eating right. I have been here for a little over a year now battling my weight and I am JUST starting to get it.

    So, kudos! Don't take to heart too much what people do or don't say. You are right, you do this for you and thats the best thing you could ever do for yourself. But, now I will be checking in on you lol! emoticon emoticon
    2697 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/30/2010 11:40:49 AM
    I saw your post but as I didn't think of anything to say about it, I didn't post anything. It's probable that there were others that did the same. Also, because I don't have a very fast DSL connection, I tend to skip vlogs because of the download time... I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Peace -

    2697 days ago
    I am new to Spark and happened on your post while checking out the different areas. It sounds like you learned that the most important opinion is your own. Also, you originally looked at having no comments as a rejection, but that is an assumption on your part. You really don't know if people saw your post, and if they did, what they thought.
    It sounds like you are becoming more confident in yourself and trusting yourself to find the way.
    Wishing you success on your journey.
    2697 days ago
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