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Monday, July 26, 2010

It has been a couple weeks since my last blog just after going to my weight loss clinic. I was setting myself on the right road before getting the meal plans from them.
I went for the meal planning. They just give you papers with the amounts of calories, fat, protein and carbs and fibre they want you to have in a day. They break it down to how many at each meal. They want 200 for breakfast. 150 for snacks, 500 for lunch and 600 for dinner. They also suggest eating 75 calories of protein or fibre 15 minutes before lunch and dinner to help curb your appetite. I am not that organized yet. I have been staying within the range they say under 1800 calories a day so I put my spark range at 1600-1800. I have been staying within the range most days.
It has been hard to really plan as I have been on the road the majority of the time. Then when I was home I got sick and my throat was so sore. I have a hard time drinking the water on days I am home so I have a plan to put the 1.5 litre bottle of water in the fridge daily and if I drink it and then the other water I drink I will get my 8 glasses a day. They never mentioned drinking in the meal planning.
I go on Thursday for my stress test. I am going to take a picnic lunch with me. I have to take my 7 year old granddaughter with me so we are going to the beach afterwards. The weather this week is supposed to be good. Wednesday rain but so far that is the only day they are calling for it. This year we are making up for last year the summer that never happened. It has been a beautiful summer lots of rain in June but it was warm and that makes the difference I think.
I have been making it to the pool almost everyday. I missed Friday and Sat. last week because I was sick. I try to go either early or later if I have plans for the day so as not to miss any classes. It is really helping with my energy and my aches and pains.
I feel really positive that I will do it this time because I have my mindset where it should be. I can't go back to the old habits they just don't work. This program suggests the reading of YOU ON A DIET by Dr. OZ. The Hormone Diet by Natasha Turner and The Cognitive Behavioural Workbook for Weight Management by Michele Laliberte, Randi McCabe & Valerie Taylor it is a pretty new book so it may be hard to find. I'm not sure I haven't really looked yet.
They also suggest like Dr. Oz that sometimes until you have it really organized and a good meal plan in place to eat the same things everyday. I am not sure that is for everyone apparently he does. I could do it to a certain degree with a few variations but so far I am doing OK and I am not depriving myself of anything. I had an ice cream cone yesterday and today. Very little ice cream compared to normal but it really didn't bother me. I also have so really good dark chocolate that is only 50 calories a square and they are a good size and so far I have been in control.
I will do it this time with all the help available to me right now and having to be accountable to weigh in every two weeks will really keep me motivated. Sparkpeople and my many sparkfriends will help to inspire and keep me motivated on this journey to a new and healthier me. Thanks Teri
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