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Body Lotion and Body image

Friday, July 23, 2010

I used to put lotion and self-tanners on the parts that showed - My legs up to the knees, and my arms.

Awhile ago I read something about a study where the people who put lotion on their entire body and took 5 minutes to do it had more success in reaching a healthy weight. I thought I'd try it and appreciate my ENTIRE body, including the jiggly bits.

I began with the "glow" type of self tanner that just gives a hint of color and smoothed that all over my legs up to my panty line. I smoothed and smoothed over my big, jiggly thighs with loose skin while thinking good thoughts about my wonderful body and the places it has taken me and the power that it has to really work out hard. Previously, I thought that I didn't want to focus on this area especially and ignored it.

Then I used thick rich lotion and smoothed and smoothed it over my entire torso and butt massaging and appreciating. I'd previously ignored this entire area too! My butt? Don't want to think about it, much less touch it. Just want it to go away. Now I am massaging and smoothing and sending loving thoughts to the skin and muscles and life in me.

Then I smoothed and smoothed the glow tanner on my arms and chest. This part always got the lotions and potions in the past. No problem there.

In doing this exercise for the last couple of months consistently, I have noticed that it seems to have brought me into my entire body, not just the parts I thought should be appreciated, but all of me. I feel more connected to my body and that is a good thing, especially when I m trying to work out how to go through life without the need to feel full or get stuffed. I need to be able to pay attention to my body and I believe this will help me.

I can't believe I waited so long to slather that self tanner on my thighs! What a difference! Even though these thighs will never see the light of day, I will see them and it is so nice to look in the mirror and see one long leg line, not tan lower legs and then big, white thighs. What was I waiting for? To be thinner? - don't wait. To love myself more? - Don't wait, act "as if". I REALLY enjoy looking in the mirror a lot more now and feel more appreciative of the beautiful body, with all of it's flaws and jiggly bits too, that I've been given.

LOVE yourself TODAY. BE the LOVE you want to have. SPREAD the LOVE you have and it will grow.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SALLY212
    So glad I stumbled across your blog! I feel the same! It's as if it's a process of learning to accept me for who I am, and respecting my body for what it can do now, as well as looking forward to it being able to do more with a bit more care and attention.

    I've been through a similar thought process recently too. I'm so lucky to have a body that works, and if I wait until I am thinner to feel perfect and love myself, well that isn't ever going to happen so I'll just be waiting forever. Even those we regard as the prettiest are concious about something about their bodies, so thinking that one day I'll have this gorgeous body, I'm just setting myself up for failure.

    Keep it up, you're doing great.
    2027 days ago
    I never made that connection but it does make sense! Keep rocking!
    2027 days ago
    That's so funny! I totally just started being diligent about putting on lotion about a month ago and I noticed how much more I was appreciating the subtle changes in my body! Who knew lotion could do that!
    2027 days ago
    I love putting lotion on - now I know why? :) What an interesting theory about the correlation between putting on body lotion and achieving a healthy weight.

    Quite fascinating. Great blog, gorgeous!!

    2027 days ago
    I went thru something similar a few months ago. It seems like years since I used lotion and body cream over my entire body. I started doing it again and affirming the beauty of my body and it's made such a difference in my state of mind. Glad I came across your blog post! Jae
    2031 days ago
  • SHELL-
    Ah... my unspoken thoughts about touching and appreciating my body. I actually have just gotten so I look at myself in the mirror without contempt and disgust at what I have done to myself. I have never used anything but face and hand lotion, I felt in my heart the truth of what you were sharing.
    Thanks for intimate details and the truths you have shared!

    2340 days ago
    Ironic that you blogged about this, when I have been thinking the same thoughts! I have "ignored" certain areas of my body in the past. I know my thighs aren't as firm as I'd like them to be, or my tummy as toned- but I have recently come to accept these things, and love me for me :) I am trying to improve myself, but am no longer willing to beat myself up over the imperfections. Every inch gets lathered, rubbed, smoothed...and loved...that's the new part.
    You really look amazing, by the way. Fantastic.
    2766 days ago
    I really liked your intimate sharing in this blog definitely pointed out one of my biggest problems...which is WAITING to get skinny or WAITING to love myself....i need to love myself NOW. emoticon
    2766 days ago
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