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I'm an eater

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey. So I hope you watch my vlog. If you can't handle how long-winded I am, I do ask a few questions at the end I hope you will skip to and maybe help give me some guidance, support, or insight.
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    Very honest vlog. Thanks for sharing. What's helping me to lose weight is to eat COMPLETE meals, breakfast lunch & dinner. But I'm also staying in my calorie range. I love to eat too, but if I want the weight gone, as far as I'm concerned, I will have to track calories & keep moving.

    Sounds like you're not eating complete meals. Try eating shredded wheat for breakfast with a banana and fat free milk. It's very filling. You say you are eating jello for breakfast and lunch. Sounds like you're starving yourself. That will never work. Eat complete meals. If you don't cook, get some lean cuisines or smart ones meals. The more I've started eating full meals, the less I want 'junk'. Give it a shot. It might help. But loved your vlog.
    2741 days ago
    Just try OA and see what you think is my best advice. It's different for everyone. Don't worry about the religion. Just walk in emoticon
    2742 days ago
    GO SARAH! I'm starting up this week again too and it feels good - just go for it.

    - eat consciously (I LOVE food too) but you need to practice taking a bite and paauuusssiinng! You'll realise if you pause and drink some water that you're not actually that hungry. (I find this tip hard but still, when I remember it when I'm eating, it's worth it)

    - Also a REAL TRUTH which I discovered for myself: You will grow to LOVE healthy food. No kidding. I started to really crave veggies and fruit, once I made them essential components of my food intake. So DO IT! It's not easy for ANYONE to stop smoking for example, but going through those few weeks of forcing yourself, you can manage and it's the same with healthy food (vice versa though!) - because including it in your diet for the first 2 weeks let's say will make you want it more and more!

    - Everything slooowly. Be aware that you won't lose straight away, you're one person and you need to see the little steps along the way. You won't stop craving chocolate straight away but slowly start giving youself less and less.

    - Also - a big tip: DON't DONt eat sugary breakfasts, make sure you take your time in the morning (even if it means waking up earlier) and eat slow releasing cereal or plain yoghurt with fruit and some toast. Cause as soon as you eat something sugary for breakfast it starts you out to have a bad day. The thing with sugar is it gives you a boost and then that boost goes down and you crave it about 30 minutes make sure you're eating healthy sugars in the morning.

    - For cravings, it's normal that it will take time and that it is upsetting. The thing is, most of the time, cravings are WHAT YOU SEE or WHAT YOU NEED. So you might be needing sugar in your diet (so instead of chocolate, start replacing) replace it with sugary healthy foods (any fruit etc). Also, what I mean by 'what you see' is - in your kitchen, in your supermarket, in your pocket (!!) get the chocolate OUT OF THERE!! And keep yourself busy busy. Going outside and exercising for 30 minutes is a great way to get your mind off eating. It's literally time consuming where you could be at home eating! So do it, get out of the house. Get out of the places that bore you. Also, try thinking as well that when you're hungry, sometimes it's maybe cause you're thirsty.

    - You will start to realise when you really are hungry and when you aren't when you track your food. If you see how much you eat, just see how much it is by writing it down, and set up a goal of what you'd like to eat (not calories or anything, but let's say six portions a day of whatever and no more) then you can start to see how far off you are. Yes, everything is slow but these are quick things which will make you realise what you're making mistakes with and make you happy INSTANTLY when you rectify them :-)

    The point is: YOU CAN DO THIS. Trust me. You have the biggest potential in the world. You can do it. Get yourself some challenges for THIS WEEK! For THIS DAY! just focus on those little challenges and not on: how do I look RIGHT NOW? and is it what I want? Things take time.

    Stay positive. I promise you can do this and stay strong. Really makes those littler challenges which you can achieve every week and see the difference in the little things. Your blog was great and I watchted the whole thing - keep them coming too. Hold yourself accountable and try to do one every week. Also - do you have some time of deadline or point where you want to get somewhere to? Even if it's just 5 pounds, it's sooo helpful having little goals.

    And don't eliminate chocolate, there's no point eliminating it but know that it's a difficult food and that you want it in particular portions. If you like black chocolate, there's more cacao, it gives you a sugar boost and it doesn't make you crave too much. It's the sweet and soft milky taste of milk chocolate which often makes you crave it so try to avoid those.

    Good luck Sarah, we're all here for support.
    2743 days ago
    Hey girl. I loved your blog BECAUSE you didn't stop talking.. lol... it kept it interesting and me paying attention. I an eater too.. I weight a WHOLE LOT more then you but I totally get where your coming from. I started out during college trying to lose my weight and I did not succeed. I know you can though. You make a good point about overworking yourself with exercise. One thing I can tell you with all my up and down experience with losing weight is that the GREATEST success I ever had was just when I was watching what I ate, but not being obsessive about it, and when I was working out for ONLY 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. It was hard to only do 30 minutes but it made it to where I did not burn out so easily... i did not get tired as easily and I didn't get the headaches I would getr when I would overwork it. Also the not getting blisters on the bottom of my feet was a huge plus. Your on the right track there... Keep it up... I'll be watching for another of your blogs!! emoticon
    2743 days ago
  • CALLEDIN2000
    Going to the gym is your plan this week add something next week, it is sugarless jello, will try sugarless next week. Discipline is the key. I have gained weight and carried weight most of my life. I am never satisfied whether I am at 140 or 180. I have tried OA and it was probablly in my 30. I am in my 50's. It is a life time commitment, everybody has something and weight is my thing. It is my relationship with food instead of say a relationship with you, hence wearing my feeling on my sleave. Those feeling, those voices in my head were calmed in the 12 step programs. And by nature I am a very feeling person and I do care. I worry and therefore weight does not come off easily because it is a chemical that doesn;t help me release the weight. It is really a mind body spirit alignment that I have to get going in order to loose the weight and I have to care allot about my spiritual, mental and physical self more and support you in order for it to work.

    I hardly have time for this kind of stuff and when I am doing it I am sitting, the blog thing seems like you could walk and talk.

    I first get active like excersice, try and change my metabolism. so IF iI give It away I get it back, the advice, it can be magic if I think I am helping you, it helps me. I enjoyed your blog and I relate to it allot. It is okay. Baby steps ! And then jump and plan on being your best friend for aobut a year, then start loving yourself more and keep up the good practices, that is what I have learned...right now I am up 40 lbs. Thanks for helping me let some of it go.
    2744 days ago
    Gosh Miss I'm an Eater....your vlog brought tears to my eyes. I can tell how much you're struggling. I just joined SparkPeople two days ago so it looks like you and I are at the same starting point to making healthy lifestyle changes.

    You are already succeeding by reaching out and asking for help. I'm in awe of how much courage it must take to be so candid in your vlog. I'm still shy, embarrassed, and happy to "hide" behind the internet for now. You just put it all out there. I'm so impressed.

    What has me motivated is visualizing how I will feel and look when I'm a little further down my path toward a healthier lifestyle.

    I envy your resolve to hit the gym. I just hate it (the gym). Really need to get myself in to a routine. But like you said, one thing at time. I didn't get this fat in a week so I don't suppose I'll get un-fat in a week, either. :)

    Hang in there. I'll be your online buddy if you'll be mine. Sound like a deal?

    2744 days ago

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    I think you could just start walking with a friend and talk and walk alittle a time 20 mins the first week.
    2744 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up. You are a young girl with many years ahead of you. You are obviously intelligent, responsible and attractive. Forget the skinny girls in your sorority....they have issues, too..........Forge ahead, but just DON'T be your own worst enemy by belittling yourself. You joined SparkPeople for a reason. You know what your weaknesses are. Just a suggestion.....I love food, like you, I began a journal (My "Temptation" journal)....When I get the urge to eat something that I know I should NOT eat, I will grab that journal, mark the exact time of day or night, and write down WHAT I AM STARING AT in the fridge or in the pantry.....I will look at the calories, the carbs, the fat content and write those numbers down.......that has helped to take the "power" away from the food in some ways.....Writing it down, looking at the food item, looking at the price I will pay if I shove it in my face....then, I close the fridge, close the pantry door, close the journal and walk away, GRATEFUL that my little "temptation journal" has gotten me through another episode....The most wonderful feeling is when you look at your journal entries and add up all of the calories, carbs, whatever that WOULD HAVE ENDED UP IN YOUR TUMMY, but, instead, only ended up on paper!! You go, girl!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!
    2744 days ago
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