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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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    Don't get discouraged! The changes you are making are improving your life, not just weight-wise, but also in your feelings of self-esteem, becaseu you are making positive changes that will affect the rest of your life. You have the right attitude and an idea of the weight amount you want to lose. What works for me is to set smaller goals about how you're going to reach that big one - Walk "X" amount each week, drink "X" amount of water each day, each 9 servings of fruits and vegitables each day, do "X" number of bicep curls with my light weights, give myself a peptalk everyday when I talk to myself like the thin(ish) healthy person I want to be. Keep up the good work!
    2648 days ago
  • DEEO12
    Walking any amount is good. Keep it up! Also isnt it weird how a chocolate bar can have the same calories as a healthy snack and fill you up and make you feel great! Is makes sense to have the healthy over the chocolate bar. But it is nice to have a treat as long as we add it into our daily calorie intake. I dont know about where you live but here we can just walk in and weigh ourselfs at the doctors and walk out no appointment needed. Great job on setting small goals to achieve your bigger goals! emoticon emoticon
    2648 days ago
    doing shorter walks does sound like an awesome plan! you sound like such a positive person. you will get to the goals you have set for yourself. you can do this! you are worth it! have a wonderful day!
    2648 days ago
    You look gorgeous today! I loooved the headband and pigtails. ;)
    Don't let that candy bar ruin your day... That workout will make you feel undeniably better, and you will feel relieved that you did it... at least, thats how I always feel!

    I know you can do it sweety... you have it written all over you, and God has his hand on your shoulder. He believes in you. :) and so do I...

    I cannot wait to hear about that exercise!!! I hate getting sweaty too...
    You know what I do? I won't let myself shower, or get ready for the day until I have done my workout... it kinda gives me a kick in the bum... haha

    Love ya babes
    Jess emoticon
    2649 days ago
  • JKJEE10
    Your doing good! I love the Walking off the pounds..That is what I started doing and I think it works great! I just wanted to say about the candy bar...It is good that your adding it in and trying to work your calories but I would try to find other things that are way less calories! I am a SWEETS Person.. If I did not allow myself to have certain things then I would most likely be hiding in the corner stuffing my face with any sweet stuff I could. It is all about portions! I have found new ways to get my sweet intake in! I don't even look at the sweets anymore in the line! One thing I do is S'mores...yes S'mores! So you get a chocolate fix! I do Two Graham Crackers, 2 Tbls of Marshmallow Fluff, (that is 1 tbsp per S'more) then I do 1 Tbsp of Mini chocolate Chips..So .5 tbsp of the Mini Choc chips per S'more...Then I bake them at 400 Degrees for about 5 min and Waaalaaaa!! You have 2 Yummy Smores! For 240 Calories!

    I also recommend getting a scale! For some people it is discouraging to weigh in everyday...for me I HAVE to weigh in everyday..It helps me to know if I need to work harder.

    Also you were talking about losing 4 lbs a week..I also think this is just fine. The bigger you are the more weight you will lose in the beginning. In the beginning I would lose 2 lbs and up...My first two weeks I lost 10 lbs..One week I lost 4.6 lbs..The amount has slown down a bit but only once in 12 weeks have I been under 2 lbs. I think that is a realistic goal for you!

    I have to say that I am quite proud of you! I tell my sister about your blogs all the time :D You will be amazed at how soon you will be able to do that whole Walking DVD! My sister and I started and we could barely do the 1 mile..we were huffing SO bad at the end...but now we can do the 4 mile and we can even do the 1 mile jog! You will see your endurance build the more you do it! I will be praying for you! I know you can do this! You have already taken big steps! If you want to talk to me about anything just let me know!! I have some good alternatives for sweet intake!

    2649 days ago
  • DIANE2868
    Back in January1/10 I weighed 350 plus pounds, I now weigh in the 230's. So in well under 7 months I lost approx. 120 pounds, so I am telling you it can be done. When your bigger you can lose more, and once you get down alot of the weight you will lose less. Even now that I am down that much weight I still can lose 5 pounds 1 week and only 1 pound the next. I was really strict with myself especially the first 2 months. I also did not have a scale at home for 2 months so I did it "blind". I am not as strict now, but I do alot of exercise. I am telling you all this to give you hope. It can be done, you can do this. Focus on small goals at first if you can. If you think your 430 pounds right now then aim to lose 30 pounds. Make it your full time job, and it will happen. emoticon
    2649 days ago
    Doing shorter walks sounds like an awesome plan! Way to get the blood pumping!!! don't forget to bring water with you when you go!

    Also, as far as your weight loss goes, don't get discouraged if you lose a bunch one week and not very much or none the next... I have found that looking at the bigger picture really helps a lot, so I have a goal to lose 8-10 lbs per month... it really makes the times that I don't lose very much or nothing at all a lot easier to take knowing that I still have time until the end of the month and I might not have lost anything today, but you never know what tomorrow will bring!!!!

    And one last thing!! I did a quick search and found some scales I think that you would really like!!! They are larger capacity (several go to 550) and they are pretty dang cheap! (about $40 bucks!)

    The website is: www.oldwillknottscales.com

    BR> emoticon
    2649 days ago

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