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Monday, July 19, 2010

so here i am, halfway through another summer, weighing more than i did last summer. puuuhhh. i've got the programs (p90x, sparkpeople, you name it i've got it somewhere), my parents are practically vegans and keep the kitchen only semi-stocked so they don't overeat, and i've got the support. I just can't keep on the bandwagon. I probably should stop drinking, first of all. I know it's pointless calories and blah blah, but when you're in college (especially at a party school like mine) it's the normal thing to do. it's kind of hard to go out to the bar and not drink.
but this time it's different. I graduated at around 120-125lbs, eating whatever i wanted. i'd been active all through grade school and especially active in high school with school sports and summer swim league. These past three years of college have not boded well for me. randomly i jump into these "health kicks" where i plan everything (i'm a planner) and make lots and lots of lists and goals. then two weeks later nothing happens. I eat out of boredom and habit. Sometimes i'll bring a box of cheezits to read and not even eat any, it's just the comfort of having food there. How ridiculous! How did i get so stuck on food?
and how did it get so stuck on me?
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    It's too easy to have food beside us all the time to nibble on while we are reading, at the computer, watching tv or crocheting like I do. What I have managed to do for the most part is have grapes, dates, apples, baby carrots etc., there and done up in bowls so that if I want something, I have something more healthy.

    Cheezit's and barbeque chips were 2 of my worst offenders. I found too, that if you plan for a less than healthy snack in your food tracker for the day, then you don't go over. Plus, there are many times you have to remove it because you never ate it. Too, get some of those little snack bags and put single servings of snack foods in them. Then, just keep 1 with you so if you do want one, you at least have a single serving and it's usually something more healthy for you.

    Almonds are really great for that. You get it's either 21 or 24 to an ounce. It's both healthy and filling. If you have trouble with your water, there is a product we just found and got off the internet. True Lemon, no calories and 25% of your daily C. Put a packet in your water. They also have lime and a Raspberry something. The lime is calorie free and the other has 5 calories.

    When you go with your friends, can you take along a safer healthier drink? Even Campbell's Tomato Juice in the little cans are great to have along. From 30 - 70 calories plus it has a lot of electrolites your body needs, especially in hot weather and if you have any health issues.

    Most of your immunity to things is made in your stomach so any soda and possibly alcohol destroy's your bacteria or what ever it is that develops your immunity to illness and disease.

    Blogging does help too. You make yourself accountable for what goes in your mouth especially if you are also tracking your food and exercise.

    In the Cardio section, there are dozens of things we do, sometimes on a daily basis that burns calories. There is also web sites that have lists of thousands of things and a tool that tells you how many calories you burn doing them. Check them out, write down all the ones that pertain to you and then add them to your Cardio tracker in user entered. You would be surprised at the amount of calories you burn, even studying.

    Too, SP has articles for College students that help with the eating and exercise. Check them out and I wish you the best. emoticon emoticon
    2798 days ago
    Best wishes on your wellness journey...look for "balance in all things"

    2798 days ago
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