Women, Food, and God- Prologue Companion Guide--Answers To Questions

Friday, July 16, 2010

Feel free to copy and paste and fill in your own answers if you're reading the book! I copied and pasted from the Intuitive Eating Sparkteam, but it's also available on the Oprah website! emoticon

1. The prologue begins with "80 hungry women" sitting in a circle together, waiting to eat and pay attention to how they use food. If you were one of those women being asked to be silent and pay attention to themselves, their hunger and their many feelings about food, how do you think you would feel?

I would probably feel enlightened. I remember when I read the guidelines, I never really thought to listen to my body. I just thought of what I was eating and if it was "good", then I felt good and if it was "bad", then I felt bad.

2. From page 2: "Our relationship to food is an exact microcosm of our relationship to life itself. You are a walking and talking expressions of your deepest convictions; everything you believe about love, fear, transformation and God is revealed in how, when and what you eat."

What are your deepest convictions, and how do you think they show up on your plate every day?

My deepest convictions: I believe in love and that love heals everything. I truly believe that fear can kill; fear is definitely not good. Transformation, I believe, lies in love or fear. When I love myself the way I am, I don't feel the need to make a trsnformation outwardly. Physical transformation has not worked for me. I know that when I'm connected to God, everything feels all right. I think that when I eat foods that my body doesn't like full of sodium, it shows that I'm living in fear. That I'm fearful of something am thinking that this food will help that. When I eat food that my body feels good afterward, I'm eating with love.

3. On page 5, Laurie says that things are hard, but at least she has food. Do you relate to her? Do you use food when things get hard? If so, does using food make things easier?

Yes, I use food as something celbratory. When I feel down, I think "Oh. We're eating Shorty's tonight or we're eating at Chili's" and suddenly, it really does not feel that bad anymore. No, food does not make things easier.

4. On page 13, author Geneen Roth writes about her many diets and her weight history. Take a moment to consider your own food and weight history. What has it been like? Did the ups and downs of it correspond with particular events in your life? As you begin to read Women, Food and God, notice the feelings you have about what has and hasn't happened in your relationship with food. As you enter a brand new process and start a new journey, do you feel discouraged? Hopeless? Excited? Does a part of you believe that nothing will work? It's good to name those feelings so that you don't sabotage yourself with them.

As a child, I did not take precaution on what I ate (as far as I remember). EDIT: I did this excercise with my mom and she said from the age of THREE years old I said "Mommy, I'm fat." I was rail thin as a child! I do remember being made fun of for eating too slow or always being the last one to finish. As I got to middle school, I remember eating salads to lose weight. In High school, I remember drinking coffee and having rice for dinner (starving myself), only eating kids' meals or An All American meal @McDonald's. In high school, I went on the 4 Week Diet and lost a ton of weight (prescribed to my mom who was overweight) College- ate mostly Subway. Went on the Atkins' Diet (did this in high school too) Did the Fat Smash Diet and got sick. Weight Watchers--3 or 4 times rejoined. It's been TORTURE pretty much. Thinking I have it then NOT. The downs definitely and the UPs. Most of them had to do with men. College- Definitely a guy motivated me to stick with weight loss. In the beginning, I felt excited but now that I started gaining weight back, I feel fear. I also feel a little discouraged.

5. From page 16: "Not sure what you really believe? Pay attention to the way you act—and to what you do when things don't go the way you think they should. Just for today, pay attention to what you value. Reflect on how you spend your time and your money. Pay attention to what you eat." What do you do when things don't go the way you want them to go? What do you really believe about your place here on earth? Do you think your life has meaning? Do you believe you are doomed to fail or that you are worthy no matter what you weigh?

I do not react very well when things don't go the way I want! I don't know. Yes...??I believe I am worthy no matter what I weight..NOT really. I believe teh "fatter" I am, the more worthless I become. I feel ashamed.

6. How has food served as a source of punishment and/or shame in your life? What do you think it would take for you to really change your relationship with food .

I have deprived myself to punish myself and binged to puinish. I.e. eating only salads or eating 2 servings worth of food like sushi and fried rice AND chicken. Or maybe 4-5 slices of pizza or a LARGE whopper meal WITH CHEESE with LARGE FRIES and an Oreo shake. Changing my relationship with myself.
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    Wow, I love this!!! As you know, I am doing my vision challenge now and I think this fits in perfectly with the reflection that I have been doing. It is so incredibly moving when we finally acknowledge the pain that we have inflicted upon ourselves, but it is also comforting when we come to realize the values that really define us and that we can live by. As long as you have those three values - everything else is just details. You can do it! You will heal.

    emoticon emoticon
    2792 days ago
  • ROGUE_1
    Thanks for sharing this, it's VERY insightful and as TEENY-BIKINI said, this is quite thought-provoking! I've been sitting here thinking about my own answers to these questions and will probably be mulling over some of my answers all day...

    Congrats on your successes thus far! I am going to add you as a buddy and will be cheering you on, and look forward to getting to know you! Keep up the great work!
    2798 days ago
    Wow. Those were really thought-provoking answers, especially the difference between love and fear. Love can definitely heal.

    2798 days ago
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