Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learning to be healthy. Why is it so hard? I know habits are hard to break, like quitting smoking, eating is just as bad. I can do well for a month or two and then I find myself right down the same road again. My choices are knowingly detrimental, yet I think it'll just be this one time.....and then ten times later, I've gained weight. What is it that happens to some people where they completely turn their life around!?
I've noticed that those people that lose a drastic amount of weight and then keep it off have made it an everyday way of life. It has to be a lifestyle change. What triggered them to finally do it!? Was it the right person saying the right thing at the right time? Was it them being tired of being overweight? Did they not fit in the seat on the airplane? Did someone make a comment about their weight? I guess you have to be REALLY uncomfortable in your skin, or understandably, want to do it for someone else (like your kids). I really want it, for me, and for my wedding, yet I am still allowing myself to make some bad decisions. Now I know that we have a meal or a day where we cheat, but we keep on trucking. One day is not everyday.

I'm having a pitty party over here. I can't make myself get out there and exercise and I keep finding excuses not too. For example, my sleep schedule has been out of whack and I'm not waking up early enough, when it's cool outside, to go run or walk. But I have a gym pass. That cancels each other out. Steve's mom had surgery and I spent a week at the hospital with them, eating out every night. Other factors are, Steve changed jobs, so there were a couple weeks where money was not coming in....but it was sure going out! But we were stressed about that for a while.

Now, I KNOW how good it feels when I exercise. I am motivated, and a better motivator! I feel fantastic and am more passionate about exciting others to feel fantastic.

Here's something else. I feel guilty about being off-line for a month here. I know that there are people who count on me for support, but how can I support them when I'm a mess? I have been putting out there into the universe that I am ready to get back on track yet it hasn't happened yet. I know it will, and maybe this blog is my turnaround point.

I have another cleanse I can do and think I am going to start it tomorrow, that way I can go to the grocery store today to prepare for it.

Thank you to my SP Buds that have kept a leash on me and not let me get completely off the charts. YOU are the reason I am blogging today and facing my demons. YOU are my reason today.

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    Hang in there. It's all a process, and it just takes time to develop. Try to focus on one change and stick with that for a while, then once you feel like you've mastered that, try to add something else. I miss walking with you, it made me get out there and walk.
    2802 days ago
    That is the question isn't it... WHY are some people able to get on track, stay on track and keep on truckin'? If you figure out that secret - fill me in. I've been losing for over 2 years now - but only ACTUALLY worked at it for about 6-8 months because of all my on again, off again meals that turn into days...into weeks... into months. Grrr.

    I'm back in my "obsessed" mode this week... which isn't healthy either (it's feeding my OCD- which makes for a crazy Laura and an angry Joe), I know... but for now, I need to feel like I'm moving down on the scale now that I've maintained for about 3 weeks (ugh)

    I'm trying to find a balance and remember that there is a whole big world of life to live out there and it's not all about fitness and nutrition round the clock... but without work, school or family to distract me it's hard to remember.

    Okay - we've had a pity party - now it's time to get over it and get back on a healthy track!
    2802 days ago
  • VAL_E_GIRL77
    You're welcome my dear friend.

    2803 days ago

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    You made me cry:) I love you too Val. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. It is friends like you that keep me lifted up; not only for this reason, but in life. Thank you.

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    2803 days ago

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  • VAL_E_GIRL77
    You know Chels, things happen where we detour from our goals, albeit work, personal, well, life in general. It happens to me a lot; I have a cheat day that turns into a cheat week. Obviously this is not good and why I have only lost 7 pounds and have maintained that for a month now. I know what I have to do, but it's realizing it, that "A-HA" moment when we say enough is enough or when we "Get it". We have started something here that is fantastic for our lives. A way of life. As I had my "A-HA" moment a few days ago, I finally felt different, better, I "Got It". It was when I realized I could actually do THIS forever. It's not like all the other "diets" that say they can give you quick results, but then the minute you get to a "goal" weight and stop, you start to pack on the pounds. That's because it's NOT changing your mentality. That is what has to change FIRST, then everything should fall into place. This is not a "diet", it IS a way to live like we should. To feel awesome about ourselves inside and finally outside. Look inside yourself and you will see what I am talking about. You are one of my best friends, and I love you very much. I will always be in your cheer section and help you succeed in any way.

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    2803 days ago
    BTW~ The puppies are doing great!! little over 3 weeks and they are starting to run around have cute little personalities. Just looking for good homes for them now. And school started Monday, and I'm taking 2 classes this quarter rather than my usual 1 class.

    I am strong and I will get through this!

    2803 days ago
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