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My 6 week cut results. Sorry about the poor picture quality.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So for all you people who new about my 6 week cut here are the pics and final results. I had mentioned my metabolism is rather fast and my body changes rather fast because of it. If I take a break from working out my body shows it pretty fast. You will see a huge difference from the last picture I posted which was about 3 weeks prior to my cut. Prior to my cut I got back to a regular schedule in the gym and was loving it, but then I got the flu and my kids got the flu and 3 weeks went by with minimal training and horrible eating. So the before pic I posted here was a result of those 3 weeks. You will see a huge difference from me at 240 in my last picture posted with my daughter to me at 244 starting my 6 weeks cut.

My calorie range was about 2600-3200 with a goal of about 250-330 grams of protein, carbs 250-175 gram, fats 48-85 grams a day.

I will be the first to admit I was not 100% clean on my diet, I did have a b-day, fathers day, 4 of July, and a lot of other excuses I dont feel like typing but the point is I followed a few basic principles of controlling blood sugar, protein at each meal, healthier carbohydrate choices, and eating 6 meals a day with plenty of water.

In my first week alone I dropped 10lbs which doesnt mean anything but gives you an idea of how much water a body can hold. My final weight in for all your scale addicts was 227 so my final total in lost lbs was 17, I originally thought it was 14 sorry bad math.

The biggest point I wanted to make with this cut was not that I could do it but how powerful food is. I purposely didn't do one ounce of cardio, to show how much food can effect your metabolism.

Not bad for 6 weeks.
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