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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lately, I've been struggling with exercise. More precisely, I've been searching for a new routine since the Y radically changes it's program during the summer. My plan had been to use this to try new classes since I couldn't take spinning 3 times a week.

So far, I've flunked out of step and zumba. I'm incredibly uncoordinated. Dislexia makes it hard for me to follow a step for a while and both classes moved on to the next step before I could master the one they had been doing. Couple this with not knowing my right from my left, and all I feel is frustrated and dumb.

I've been working pilates at home on days I don't have that class and my hip flexors are screaming in pain.

I really need to find something to work that muscle group so it doesn't hinder me.

I'm trying another new course today and will see if I can handle it. Supposedly it's for people who are older (yes) or new to exercise (no) or inflexible (yes). I'm hoping 2 out of 3 means the class will work with enough time for me to learn the moves.
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    I think Leona is right on the money. Water aerobics is awesome. I did it before and I loved it.

    You're amazing so I know you'll come up with something fabulous!
    2646 days ago
    I'm with JENNYPENNY29; get back on the Nordic Track and the stationary bike?

    Having said that, I have to agree that summer seems to be throwing a loop in my schedule. Too much inconsistency at the moment due to trips, visitors, etc. I don't seem to have a nice reliable routine I can settle into.

    I'm trying to find other ways to build nonpaddling cardio into my schedule (the strength training is easier because I have the equipment in my basement). There's an elliptical down there I can use, but lately I'm focusing on commuting to work twice a week by bike (15 miles each way). I have a 100-mile charity ride coming up in September and I need more saddle time. I'll alternate those days with strength training.

    Weekends are for kayaking.
    2646 days ago
    I've never put my dyslexia and non-coordination together; thank you for the insight. I SO know what you mean about needing to have classes that don't "move" too fast from one step/position to the next too quickly.

    The suggestions about TV program exercises or using a DVD are good ones, but the social interaction is missing that way.

    Perhaps you can overcome your aversion to water exercises. I like them; much less joint strain than land exercises but you still get a good workout. If there is a gymsticks class, go for that. It's a super, duper water aerobics that can work all muscle groups, provided the instructor knows what s/he is doing.

    You'll come upon something that will work...

    2653 days ago
    How do you feel about exercise equipment - elliptical trainers, treadmills, bike, rowing machines? That might help while you're waiting for fall classes to begin again.

    So glad to hear you like spin classes. I've heard a lot of good things about spinning and would love to try it sometime. How many calories does one burn in a class?
    2654 days ago
    Try a water aerobics class. Also do you get the fit channel on cable? Maybe something on there will help. Keep trying my friend!
    2655 days ago
    Good for you to challenge yourself with new pursuits!

    But I'm with you on that step stuff...tried it with our Wii-Fit...what a miserable tangle I!

    2655 days ago
    I hope that new class works well for you--from the description I would think it would be something designed to be easy to follow (for those "new to exercise").

    For myself, I've gone the video route Licia suggested, both because of cost and because I can rewind if I have to when I am first learning moves, and then once I've learned them, they don't change the way a class can.

    I have also, in the past, done water aerobics and LOVED it. If I could afford a gym membership right now, lap swimming and water aerobics would be my plan.

    Fingers crossed for today's class to be a good fit for you!
    2655 days ago
  • LICIA4608
    Carrie, I'm sorry that you're finding it difficult to get exercise in and that these classes are hard for you. I hope the class today is better for you :) I understand where you're coming from, perhaps there are videos that you would enjoy? Have you thought about swimming or water aerobics? That might be easier on your muscles. I hope things look up :)
    2656 days ago
    Im young and I have to be careful with what I do because it bothers my hips.
    2656 days ago
    I am sorry you are having a rough go of it Carrie. It is great you are still trying different stuff out. I would have given up by now. I have tried Zumba. I am not very coordinated but I had fun doing it. I would get the step just as she was switching to another. Good luck with the new class!
    2656 days ago
    emoticon Maybe you could get a video and practice at home. Or get the instructor to write down the moves and practice them outside of class. Just a thought.
    2656 days ago
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