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High on Life

Monday, July 12, 2010

Interesting thought . . . many people hold their breath or breathe very shallowly because they don't want to take in new ideas. It's a survival trick our bodies have to still ourselves in times of danger. It's also a learned behavior that says, "I don't deserve to take in the same air as everyone else! I see myself as undeserving or inferior." In reality, our breath is vital to the planet's survival as part of the symbiotic life cycle we share with the plant world and the rest of life on earth. We need to breathe deeply!

Both of these thoughts, fear and low self-esteem, are major sabatoge to healthy living. Deep breathing is a great meditative tool to trick our bodies into relaxing and letting in new ideas, like healthful eating or vigorous workouts.

And it is really a win-win situation. When we breathe in deeply, we increase the oxygen content of our bodies and cause our metabolism to increase, thereby burning more calories. This works even better if the breathing is accompanied by an intense workout! When we breathe out completely, we eliminate toxins that have accumulated in our system and make room in our lungs for more clean air to be taken in.

When I trust in this process and feel myself as part of the natural world, I am most empowered and enlived by my breathing and meditation. And in the end, rewarded by the positive sense of well-being that envelopes me. I really think that's what is meant by "High on Life."

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