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Monday, July 12, 2010


Here it is day 205 on my Spark journey and I am still struggling to stay focused and lose weight. I was reading an article in the paper this morning about a recent high school graduate who lived most of her life in Madagascar and spoke no English when she came here as a teenager. She taught herself how to speak by watching Disney cartoons with English subtitles and going back and forth to the lips of the characters and reading the words. At the end of the article she said, "If you can't change the situation, you need to change your attitude about it." Wise words from an 18 year old.

So, here is my situation.
1. I'm still trying to lose weight but I too easily fall off the wagon, letting myself consume foods I'm not supposed to eat, like ice cream. How can I change my attitude about this?

2. I have an aversion to exercise, too often finding an excuse not to do anything to get myself moving. I use the heat as an excuse. We are projected to have 90+ weather all week.

3. I convince myself that I like me at the weight I am at. However, this must not be true because when I look at pictures of myself on the beach, I am flabby and overweight. I look at other people in bathing suits with fat hanging out and I don't see myself as the same person.

So, I like sweets, I hate exercise, and I'm fat and flabby. If you readers want to take a stab at helping me change my attitude in these 3 areas, I would appreciate any help offered.

Now, I did pretty well with WW points but I have a lot to learn still. I'm doing this on my own with the online version so my interaction comes from you Sparkers. I gained back a pound to 182. Have I been here before? I am starting out the week today with the determination to follow the point system. For breakfast, I took one cup of sliced strawberries, one 4 oz container of fiber one strawberry yogurt and 1/4 c of fiber one cereal all layered in a crystal brandy goblet. It was really pretty and only one point for the whole thing I think. I'll have to check that. But actually, it was very sweet and half way through, I thinned it with some skim milk. I have vegetable frittata for lunch with green beans and probably baked chicken with veg for dinner. I'll fill in with point friendly fruit or veg so I plan to have a good day. I'm on my third glass of water which is never a problem for me.

I have to catch up on some orders and customer things but I might clean out the fridge today and take stock of what's in there. I think I am going to put on some shorts and start the day with a dog walk before it gets too hot.

One thing I can say is that I keep trying and I have learned to eat much healthier and more veggies and fruit in a long time. I am healthier, just not thinner so I'm working on changing my attitude towards sweets and eating right. If I can just get through one more week, following the points and leving off sweets, beer and wine and sticking to it, I might just see some progress. Later. emoticon
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    This is a great blog, thanks for sharing. For me reading it, the sentence'I convince myself that I LIKE ME at the weight that I am' is your key. How badly do you want this? Can take a good look at your body in the mirror and say that? What is your BMI, Obese,or Overweight? Is your health suffering because of your weight? How is your BP and Chlorestrol. These are all things you must consider.Dr.Oz has been my greatest inspiration on changing from a proper food junkie to now eating for my health. He has a wonderful free site with lots of advice and answers and ways to lose weight.Just type in Dr.Oz in your brozer and have a good look at the advise he gives, I think you will find you will think very differently . emoticon
    2804 days ago
    I agree with Donnaeda, clean your house of junk food. Also, start tracking your food on the nutrition tracker here, as well as counting points. At the end of the day, get the results of how you did from the nutrition tracker. It can be a learning experience. I'm still coming to terms with it and making adjustments to my intake.
    Commit to 10 minutes a day exercise and do it everyday.

    Reread the Spark. Start at week 1, setting small goals. That's my plan. When I lose motivation, I'm going to start over at week 1.

    Pick one area: eating, exercise, or attitude toward yourself, and work on it!
    2805 days ago
    Just remember, this is a lifestyle change so there will be ups and downs. You can't deprive yourself of tasty treats all the time. Moderation is the key. If you do bad one day, then just be extra good the next!
    2805 days ago
    May I suggest that you cleanse your kitchen of all the unhealthy treats and foods that tempt you. You eat them cause they are available, and buy only healthy snacks and foods. You can include them in your daily counts. Also start weighing and measuring your portions. If you do these two things you will begin to lose weight and not feel so guilty about what you are doing on WW
    2805 days ago
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