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Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Tonight I gathered my courage and climb down and up my stairs…. Doesn’t seem like an achievement, does it?

Well, after my stunt on my way to the pool one month ago, and being in a cast until last Tuesday, it is my MAJOR achievement of the month. The whole process took me a good 5 minutes. The way up was extremely tricky. I have never liked stairs where you can see through them, and my fear was bigger with my crutches and my gimpy leg.

I still have a splint and my cruchtes, and two oedemas on each size of my ankle… You could think I like when things match. Sometimes I wish they match, but I have to confess to my great shame that I did a terrible fashion faux pas the day I fell.

You would never imagine when you go somewhere that an accident could happen and you will end up in your undies. In order the nurses could put a cast on my leg, I had to take off my pants; once the cast was on, there is no way I could wear on my tight pants again. Remember I was going to the pool, so here was my “undies”

Here was my T-shirt.

Now picture the two items together if you can without getting your eyes smart. Yes, purple-white polka dots, and grey and flashy red striped fabric, that’s how everyone at the hospital and on my way home could see me, as to top it off, after the hospital, I had to go to the drugstore to try on the crutches, at the worst possible rush hour of the day.
It doesn’t explain why I have stayed hidden in my house since then, although it was good reason enough!

The main reason is I hurt, and I have never managed my way with crutches, and don’t think I will.
The saying “one step at a time” has never come so fully into play till now.

On the plus side, it seems that I haven’t put on weight. My pants are loose. I have been carefully tracking my meals on the SP tracker for lack of fitness minutes.

I have been having ups and downs, and I am on an emotional rollercoaster—it is not easy not to be able to do a single daily task when you are usually always very active and independent.

A few days ago, I cried after watching a video of my garden; I had spent so much time in, and it has been shamefully neglected—DH doesn’t seem to care for it all, and I have to battle to get him water it; battling to have him weed is a lost battle, and would ask me too much energy.

That’s why I am so happy I could climb up and down stairs. I have 3 flies of stairs to reach my garden, I now have to find a tactics to weed it with my hurt foot.

Advice of the day: watch your step (and your undies:D)! And walk whenever you can, you never know the next time you could walk again. You might be a “couch potato” not out of choice, but necessity.
Seize the chance you have to be able to walk, and go wherever our feet can carry you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog - awful about the leg!

    It's true - we take walking for granted!

    You will survive the embarrassment of your outfit, lol.

    Hope you are all better very soon!
    2241 days ago
  • v VICD25
    ah, was hoping when the cast came off you'd be at it again, but alas. Well, one more week? to rest up! Hey, open stairs are tricky for me and (at least right now) I have two good feet!

    Good luck (and, great fashion!)
    2241 days ago
  • v JANTWO
    Oh my I hope you get well soon!!!! On the bright side...your blog was colorful!!!! emoticon
    2241 days ago
    So sorry to hear that you hare having a difficult time.
    Through my recovery from surgery, I cried a lot...and to be honest, now I sometimes nearly cry at the joy of being able to function again! :)
    I have heard doctors say that the more active you are before an injury or health problem, the sooner (by far!) you will recover. So, I am sure that means that you will be better soon!
    2241 days ago
    Awwww- so sorry to hear about your mess.
    Yes, being unable to do things like put on your socks, or do stairs, or or or... is yucky.
    I'm finally into wearing 'nice' undies. It's a new thing for me, and I really like it. Now I have a better excuse!
    2241 days ago
    Thanks for painting such a good picture for us, along with the pics. Now I am picturing you in your polka dots & stripes, hobbling out to the garden to pull those weeds.

    I see this has been a difficult time for you, and I am very sorry. But, so glad that you are on the mend and starting to get a little more mobile. I hope you can get safely to the garden soon. Then spend your time sitting on a stool or on the ground while you weed I suppose to keep the weight off that bad leg.

    Take care.
    2241 days ago
    I had to have 6 weeks of physical therapy after hip surgery last year. My therapist taught me that you go "up with the good" and "down with the bad" while navigating stairs. That little ditty has stuck in my head even after one year and I always say it to myself while going up or down stairs. Weird!!!

    Glad to hear that you're up and about, just take it easy so you don't re injure your foot.

    2242 days ago
  • v MISS_VIV
    Very stunning outfit you were wearing. I hope that you heal quickly and get back on two feet. Crutches can be a real hardship on stairs, so be very careful not to tumble.

    What the HECK did you do to injure yourself so badly?

    Get well soon.

    Tell that hubby that you REALLY need him to help you out with your prized garden. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Can you 'boot scoot' down?
    2242 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/9/2010 7:06:50 PM
    I hope you're learning how to get along on those crutches. It's a shame you had to buy them yourself. Didn't they have PT's to measure them for you and teach you to use them? I know that even with instruction, it is tough to learn and be graceful.

    Going up the stairs, you go up with your "good" foot (good/up/heaven). Coming down you go down with your "bad" foot.

    If they're both bad, you go up & down on your butt.

    Good luck!

    2242 days ago
  • v LOPEYP
    How did you get a video of your garden? (DH?) Seems like cruel and unusal punishment.

    Regarding the undies: my mother always said make sure your undies don't have holes in them in case you are in an accident. emoticon

    How much longer will you be on the crutches??
    2242 days ago
    Glad you're on the mend. I was just lamenting my garden that I haven't had time to weed. Luckily my veggies are winning the war but I better do something fast or it won't stay that way. As for undies matching, nothing I own matches right now. I'm down one pants size, two shirt sizes and nothing in my closet fits right. LOL
    2242 days ago
  • v 100LBLIGHTER
    I sent you a Spark Goodie to go with your shirt. I have a friend that coordinates her unders with her clothes because she once, while working, split her black pants up the back and could not go home to change (she had white undies on at the time). How did you hurt yourself? Poor are on the mend...just be careful...
    2242 days ago
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