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Friday, July 09, 2010

I love ticking off the boxes! emoticon

I'm not someone who's known for being on time, finishing what I start, or making lists and getting everything done on them. Quite the opposite, really. Here on SP, however, I LOVE putting that little √ in the box and having it turn blue at the same time. I LOVE seeing them all checked off in a row at the end of the week. I LOVE having a streak that goes for days and days or weeks and weeks. I lose lists on paper, but these are always there waiting for me under the 'other goals' tab just waiting to be ticked off. As long as I don't lose my computer, I'll always be able to find my list!

With all that love working in my favor, I decided to up the ante on myself and address a few other areas of my life with the magic blue checked boxes too. I added in:

•Streeeeeetch (or do Yoga) 10 min/day - 7x/week emoticon
•Delete 20 or more old emails until inbox is clear: 5x/week
•Daily ART - 5 min or more - ANYTHING: 7x/week emoticon

Though I've gotten really good at my fast break goals, and am stellar with my team goals, I can not seem to get any consistency going with these 3 at all! Each one supports a larger goal and vision for my life. Each area really matters to me. And yet, I'm terrible about doing them! Worst of all is the last one - Daily Art. This may seem like no big deal, but I went to an 'Art School' instead of a University. I have a BFA... I made a living as an artist for many years... and now, I can't seem to pull off 5 MINUTES of art a day.

When I stop berating myself for a moment and look more closely....

NOT checking the boxes off when I am checking off other boxes is very eye-opening. Each day that I don't check them, it gives me a chance to look at what's going on. Why am I not doing them? How important are they? What am I making more important than them? What am I REALLY committed to? As a result, I've had some great 'Aha moments' that are leading me to look at some things differently. For example, I realized I'm not the sort of artist who wants to hide away on her own and make art in seclusion. I love a creative community. Having a studio space where others are around to share ideas, bounce off of, show work to, and be inspired by is what I dream of. I don't want to just create in isolation. This is really key! So tonight, I invited some artsy pals over and we worked on projects around my dining room table. It's not that great studio yet, but I got to check off my box and I got further on a funky thing I'm working on. It's All Good!

And so... I'll continue to stretch via goals and aim to stay as curious with myself when I DON'T do something as I am proud when I DO.


POWER Challenge results - Day 8:

P - √ - Positive.... I got a new client today and I stuck to my full rate without blinking! Also a positive reframe on beating myself up for not meeting a goal to learning and discovery as a result.
O - √ - Outdoors.... A nice after dinner beach walk with the dogs. Soft sand is soooo much more work to walk in than hard ground!
W - √ - Water... Yes, Plenty
E - √ - Exercise... 90 minute yoga class plus a 30 min. dog walk
R - √ - Relax... The beginning and end of yoga class. Everyday should have relaxation like that in it!

Blog Bonus - √
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can't get consistency with the "other goals" either. My daily goals are stretching, posting on the boards, and drinking 8 glasses of water... my consistency with the water has been horrible lately (despite this crazy nasty heat, even!) and I don't know the last time I even checked the box for ten minutes of stretching.

    Have fun with the art thing -- sounds like a good time, and being able to √ off your box will just be a bonus!
    2689 days ago
    I also have a problem with the art thing.. and I have a show coming up in 2 weeks... Maybe its just that right now our focus is on us, and the creative spark is hibernating for a bit..and will come back full force :D You are doing great in every other area. Look at all your check marks!
    Give yourself some time... and maybe.. do you think that 5 m in of creativity might not be enough? and that is why you are stalling?
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2689 days ago
    Okay PC users ~ Here's what I found when googling those little check marks for PC:

    1) [ALT]251

    2) If that doesn't work: "It may not be the same character for every font set. Have you tried the character map? You can pick / copy the character you need then past into
    the application"

    3) All normal system fonts do not have the check mark. You can find it in fonts such as wingdings, amongst others.

    There you go... my good deed of the day! Or... maybe I should go pick up litter or feed the hungry or something emoticon
    2689 days ago
    Ha! I was coming here to ask about those mysterious check boxes, too!
    2689 days ago
    Boy oh boy...you and I have a lot in common! I'm glad you're discovering some things and making some things happen. I'm a social creature too! My craft room is in the basement and I hardly ever go in there to work on anything because I don't like being down there by myself. Glad you can check off so many things. I tried to do a check mark, but I don't even know where the option key is or what it is. LOL!!! Congrats on the new client! emoticon
    2690 days ago
    LOL! On my computer I hold down the option key and then hit the letter 'v'. √√√√√
    √√ Let me know if it works on your PC emoticon
    2690 days ago
    Dude! How do you make the check marks? Or is this some special Mac thing?

    Great reframe on the checkmarks!
    2690 days ago
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