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Thursday, July 08, 2010

I am not sure for how long.

I got up early to do my 2 miles and got to the end of my street did a kind of run/walk/jump off the curb to cross the street and I feel something in my calf pull/tear. It was weird, I almost heard it, too. (that could be my imagination, though.) It hurt to put pressure on my leg and walk. Luckily I was only 5 houses away, so I turned around and headed home.

That calf muscle was sore at the beginning of the week after a run but I just thought that I didn't stretch enough the day before. I'm hoping that it's a little strain and will heal in a week or so's time. I looked up muscle pulls and it said the RICE method - so I have a bandage on it now. It's hard to elevate at work, though.

It's weird on the psyche. I really don't enjoy exercising much and can think of a million reasons not to do it. Heck, I've gone weeks without exercising and been OK with it (well, I knew I should but wasn't motivated) Now that I can't do it - it's kind of a bummer. I guess we all like to have a little control over our actions and an injury prevents that.

There is a little sense of pride with the injury, though - I did it while exercising. My first sports related injury! Much better story than when I broke my ankle a few years back walking off the walkway in a weird way - to my defense, there was snow and I didn't see the edge of the walkway.

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    I liked your plan, and now you are taking a break. I hope it heals quickly. I am kind of similar. I always feel great after I exercise, but I have to make myself do it. I really do want to run a marathon someday, so I know I have to work up to it and I have a long, long, long way to go. I keep waiting to love running. It's something I want to do, but not something I love to do. Get well soon.
    2796 days ago
    Ouch! Sorry to hear you injured yourself. Sending healing vibes your way.
    2811 days ago
    Feel better soon!
    2812 days ago
    Ha - your first sports-related injury! Brilliant! You are indeed an athlete when that happens. :) Take care of yourself so you can get back out there soon.
    2812 days ago
    Oh, that is too bad!! I hope you have a quick recovery. Take care of yourself!
    2812 days ago
    I LOVE the "Half-Glass Full" way you're thinking!

    Your very first sports injury:D

    What an emoticon attitude!

    Feel better real soon:)
    2813 days ago
    Yay, your first sports related injury. Weird to say, I know, but as a couch-bound athletic type as a younger person, I can relate.

    The bigger bummer is that it seems to be the terribly unfair situation that as one exercises as one's older (older as in over 40), we get little injuries.

    I wanted to relate a recent experience of mine. About 3 weeks ago I fell off the step in step aerobics class and could feel a small strain - not a lot but from a bad bad past experience I decided to skip the final 10 minutes of class. I limped w a small limp but no big deal UNTIL that evening when all of a sudden - holy moly - it started hurting like nobody's business. I could barely get across the room, it hurt so badly, and I could do little but groan. And do the RICE thing. The ice especially helped.

    I got up the next morning & the pain was gone & I was back to small limp. Then, and the reason I tell this story, it got *totally* better in 3 days. I was really watching it and taking it careful and easy. But I was able to do a full-length aerobic class 3 days later. I was astonished. So it doesn't always work this way, but my point is that if we take really good care of our injuries, sometimes they heal very quickly and we can get back to our macho athletic lives. (Also I went and bought $20 worth of sports wrap and ankle braces in the sports injury part of the drugstore, and that felt pretty athletic too!)

    Hope you feel better soon, and I'm glad you discovered that you miss exercising when you can't do it!
    2813 days ago
    I totally get the pride in realizing that if you have to have an injury, isn't it cool that it's a sports-related one. At the same time, it does suck that it's put you out of commission for the moment.

    Here's hoping your leg heals quickly. Don't push it before it's ready, though.
    2813 days ago
    So sorry to hear about the injury, Brit! I hope you recover quickly from it. I agree, there are a lot of reasons available to decide why you don't want to exercise--but when someone or something else decides you can't do it, that's just tough to take!

    2813 days ago
    Sorry you injured yourself! Hope it heals quickly. Take it easy and, in the meantime, maybe you can find a non impact activity to substitute. It's great swimming weather!
    2813 days ago
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