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Whatever Works: Shopping Around

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I've been on my Spark People journey 2 years now. I lost 30 pounds but gained it all back until I weighed more than I had when I set out. It's a familiar story.

But I'm on the way down again now (15lbs lost: 30lbs to go.)

A few months ago, I realised I had to make dieting into a more fun project. So I decided to try out a few different diets - a week here, and a week there. See if one stuck.

I began with Atkins. Bacon and eggs, home made ice cream, mayonnaise with everything. Yum. I tested my wee for ketones as advised, using little strips I bought from the chemist. I become mildly ketonic. That was quite exciting. But I only stuck the diet for ten days, simply because it was so far from my normal way of eating. I felt I was on a tightrope the whole time, afraid to look down. There seemed a long way to fall.

Next came the Dukan, a similar diet only lower fat. Fish, meat and then more fish and meat (and especially chicken breast). I would start the day ok (with a kipper) but by the time the evening meal arrived, I would be nauseous and headachey. One evening I looked at the sirloin steak on my plate and felt sad that an animal had died to provide me with a meal that turned my stomach. I had to stop.

Also, despite a month on Atkins/Dukan, I'd only lost 4 lbs. I'd be pleased with that in normal circumstances, but the nausea and headaches seemed too high a price to pay.

Cutting carbs still seemed a good idea. I remembered a review I'd read on Amazon before ordering the Dukan book. It was for the Carb Addicts diet. It seemed to chime with the GI Diet, another blast from the past, and a diet my mother had used to talk about. I ordered it.

While I was waiting it to arrive I picked up another book in a charity shop, The Zone, thinking it could plug the gap until Carb Addicts arrived. An SP friend has always sworn by it, but I'd been put off by its technical sounding instructions.

That was three weeks ago. Although Carb Addicts has now arrived and been read, I've put it 'behind my ear' for later because The Zone has grown and grown on me.

Barry Sears' programme is out of fashion these days, but it works on the principle of eating a little more protein and fat than most dieters are used to and a lot fewer carbs. It isn't extreme. And yet I rarely feel hungry and the cravings for bread and cakes are gone. And In the first fortnight I've lost 2lbs a week - a miracle for someone in the menopause, who has been dieting on and off for 40 years. I'm able to eat my beloved fruit and veg (ok, not all of them - bananas and potatoes are frowned on) and have a small glass of wine and a piece of cheese as a snack.

So I think I'll stick with it for now.

As a dieter, I've often been a little cowed, a little prone to thinking it's my fault if a diet doesn't work. But this has made me think - perhaps it's worth shopping around for a regime that really really suits us.

It's early days. I'll keep you posted.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for dropping by, Hiphap and Kipper! It's great to have your comments.

    Those Zone bars sound yummy, and I wish we could get them here in the UK. We can get Atkins bars though, andI have been eating half a Myoplex (body builders' bar) in an emergency, having spent time in the health food shop peering at the tiny writing on all the snacks to find one with the correct protein/carb balance.
    2751 days ago
  • HIPHAP160
    I have to say that I always felt my best (and lost the best) when I was following the Zone. And I LOVE the Zone bars. I use them as a backup for busy days & as my normal a.m. breakfast snack. mmmmm
    2751 days ago
    sounds like you are doing good emoticon
    2751 days ago
    Hi Liz

    Really good to hear from you. Oh, yes - strawberries and raspberries! W've got blackcurrants and redcurrants on our allotment - I couldn't bear not to eat those. I suffered on the Dukan, but my sister-in-law lost nearly a stone in a fortnight and loves it. It's horses for courses! As you say, let's keep in touch - I'd love to know how you get on with the Zone.
    2752 days ago
    I must be the only person who never lost anything on the Atkins diet! I'm trying the Dukan but like you I love fruit, especially at this time of the year when we've got raspberries and strawberries in the garden. I've heard others talking about The Zone so perhaps it would be better for me too, am going to check it out - something must "click" sooner or later!
    Keep in touch and let me know how you're going on.

    2752 days ago
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