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You Can't Argue The Numbers (Reprise)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

This merits a second blog post for the day. Check out THESE numbers.

I just swam an Olympic Triathlon distance in the pool. WHAT? After my 50 laps in 50 minutes last week I decided to see if I could best myself again. No excuses this time because I knew I had it in me, so I jumped in and just went for it. I got into the pool 5 minutes late this week, so I only had 55 minutes to swim. I knew I could do at least 50 laps - but last week I spent a full hour at the pool and did 50 laps OVER 50 minutes worth of time - meaning, I took breaks between each set of 10. Not tonight. I decided to see how far I could go without breaks, how long my lungs would hold out, how long my muscles could sustain without giving in.

Usually my routine is 10 laps breast stroke, 10 laps front crawl, 5 laps breast stroke, 5 laps back stroke x 2, 10 laps front crawl. Today I took out the back stroke and just switched it up between 10 laps breast stroke to even out my breathing and 10 laps front crawl x 3. AND I DID IT!!! (Well almost - I got to 58 laps and they kicked me out of the pool. But if I'd had just 2 more minutes, I would have made it to 60 - I knew I had it in me).

So awesome, my goal was 60. But what I didn't calculate was the actual distance until I got home. My pool is a 25 yard x 42 f standard competition pool. Olympic pools are usually 50m x 25m (or about double the size). Since there are so many people in the pool for open swims on Wednesdays, we all swim 1/2 lengths so we can fit in more "lanes" - so I swim the 42ft width of the pool and "there and back" constitutes a "lap".

So here's the math:

42ft = 12.8016m. Since I swim 42ft x 2 as a lap, my laps = 25.6032m. Multiply that by 60 laps and you get 1536.2m - well over the 1500m required of an Olympic Triathlete. Holy Crap. I was only aiming for 750m - the Sprint Triathlon distance. Little did I know I was already swimming sprint...I just forgot to multiply the pool length by 2! Oops!

So I win. For tonight, I definitely win. I don't feel bad about the scale defeat this morning anymore because this constitutes as a WAY-COOL non-scale victory. It's just too bad I have to wait another whole week to weight in again. I'm going for the Gold baby, in all areas.

If I can do this, I know I can start C25K training. If I can take my body from not being able to swim a full lap without being winded, to swimming for 55 minutes straight without stopping...god, I can't even believe I just typed that. I'm so proud. So proud.

And I have a fan! A woman at the pool has been watching my progress for a couple of weeks now. She's asked me a couple of times for pointers, but tonight I didn't have time to wade and chat, so she just watched. When I got out of the pool she was all smiles - "Girl - you are STRONG! I don't know how you do that. I can't even swim a full lap." I thanked her, and told her to have faith. After all - I started where she is now only 5 months ago. She said that it was nice to be able to follow my journey because it gave her hope that she could do it some day. Imagine - someone actually looking up to me for inspiration.

My muscles are sore - but my heart is full. I'm so happy.
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