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whew its hot

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Boy is it hotta hotta hot out! I haven't walked in ... gosh a week ... almost a week? Something like that... With bad weather, sick baby, and medical appointments my morning walks were just not possible until finally this morning.

True I could wake up earlier to work out but as it is the baby wakes me about 6 - 6:30 am so that would mean I would need to get up at 5:30 am and sometimes I am up late with SN son which means I would get even less sleep. I couldn't work out in the house that early in the morning or I would wake everyone up. We have a really old house that is very small and me jumping around would be VERY loud that and the only room for me to do that is in our bedroom ... again waking up DH. Or I could go out in the AM but that would mean hoping DH would wake if bebe woke early which is doubtful and I really wouldn't feel comfortable out by myself that early in the morning. Excuses excuses but I think they are valid ones. I am getting there slowly but surely.

I hope a year from now both boys will be developmentally older (esp SN son) so that I could do more activities with them. I would love to be able to garden and mow but I can't trust either bebe or SN son by themselves for even a short period of time ... even just my back to them they get in to trouble. And I don't trust SN son alone with bebe, SN son hurts bebe but thinks its funny because bebe makes loud sounds. SN son just doesn't understand he shouldn't hurt people.

But I do feel so good AFTER I get the walk done. During ... not so much. Huffing and puffing pushing bebe along. The fun part is hearing him babble in jawa to everything.. SO cute. He is just this big big big healthy 'normal' sweet natured toddler... its just fantastic and SO different than raising a NICU baby.

So bebe is causing mischief and mayhem in the living room ... gotta go.
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    I have no advice for you except to hang in there and keep going! ((HUGS)) That's hard when you have so few resources. Everyone needs a break/extra help every now and then, especially when you have special challenges. When you asked the hopsital about a sponsored support group, did they say they were thinking about it?
    2813 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/6/2010 10:32:35 PM
    Unfortunately SN son tries to hurt the bebe when we are outside and there is no time out chair near by outside to put SN son in when he hurts bebe. I have tried to do just that, spend time with both boys outside but if I am not constantly watching bebe he is finding and eating rabbit turds (ugh!) or SN son is trying to investigate where the dog goes potty (ugh!) or SN son is trying to hurt the bebe. They are just two big kids that are still babies and it's near to impossible for me to manage them both outside even in the back yard right now. Bebe needs another 6 months or so because right now everything goes in his mouth, poor kiddo seems to get 4 teeth at a time! I try to let them play together in SN son's room but I am usually pulling SN off bebe. Poor bebe always has some kind of a big bruise or red welt on his face from his older brother. If I try to pick up bebe SN son gets jealous and if I try to pick up SN son bebe wants to be part of the fun too. I am trying I really am! emoticon

    Once SN son comes home from school I don't have any free time unless both boys take a nap at the same time and if SN son takes a nap he never goes to sleep before midnight. I am going back to school so when I do have a little free time in the afternoon or night I do home work and studying. I have no friends or family near by, the hospitals don't offer support groups, and the meetup group I found for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder isn't meeting again this month.

    I am staying within my calories but some times it is just impossible to get in exercise. For a while when bebe would nap 2x a day (he doesn't any more) I could get in a DVD before SN son comes home from school. And SN son's summer school is going to end in about 2 weeks so no more mornings anyway. Plus all the medical appointments, procedures, and evaluations for SN son I have to find time to organize all that too.
    2813 days ago
    Find some activities to do with your boys. You say your SN son likes music and dancing around, puts some music on and get busy with the boys. You'll have a good time with them as well as getting a workout in. You can also play with them outdoors like tag or other games like that. It seem like your SN son understands somewhat and it will be good for all of you!!!
    2813 days ago
    My kids are 4.75 and 2. Even with daycare, I can't always find any good time to work out during the day. I end up doing stuff after they go to bed...which is a recipe for insomnia. But I've decided that the only thing I can do is the best I can do...and eventually it will get easier. (I don't trust my sleeping husband to wake up either!) I'm glad that you do manage to find time to do something for yourself, though. That's important for happy Mamas.
    2814 days ago
    Aww, what a great way to walk.
    I think your reasons are pretty valid. If you don't get 8 hours sleep it can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. Giving up sleeo to exercise doesn't make much sense when you look at it that way, unless you can go to bed earlier to make up the difference.
    2814 days ago
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