4 Pant Sizes!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

When I started this whole thing back in January I was wearing size 18 pants and 1-2X shirts. Lately I've been mostly wearing size 14 shorts/pants (and a few size 12s that I had in my closet) and XL shirts. Well, today I had some time to kill and decided to do an experiement. I was at Sears and decided to try on some clothes to see what size I really am. So I started with size 12. My mom was with me and thought they didn't quite look right so she brought me some size 10s and low and behold they fit!!! I tried on a couple different styles and sure enough size 10 it was - that's 4 pant sizes!!!

Now the shirts, I was trying on larges and I'm still basically a large but they don't quite look right but that's because I'm very large chested. So, in the chest I'm a large (if not xl) and the rest maybe a medium but until that part of me starts shrinking I'll never know. Regardless I couldn't believe it. I didn't buy anything today, I will next month before school starts again, but it was just so nice to know that I've gone down 4 pant sizes!!!

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