Overeating is over!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth of July! Hope you all are celebrating wisely. My mom's birthday is on the 4th, so we had double the reason to celebrate today at our little cookout. Now, we really aimed to take the high route today. We made turkey burgers, pasta salad with whole wheat pasta and low-cal. dressing, toasted veggies. The only thing that was really not very nutritious was the birthday cake I made and the Cokes we drank. Not so bad at all. In fact, my husband and I were musing in the midst of our cooking about the twists of life that brought us to the point where we were snacking on rice cakes while we made turkey burgers.

Well, then tonight came, and we were still in the celebrating mood. Put the little ones to bed and watched a movie. So of course that involved snacks. I confess, mindless snacking. Was I hungry? Certainly not, after all that food. Was I even snacky? No, not really. Just wanted to eat because in the back of my mind was the thought that this is our "off" day, so we're supposed to be "off". Even if we don't want to be. The upshot is, I snacked too much and felt almost kinda sick. We retired to our bedroom, and I brushed and flossed, as much to wipe away the memories of all that mindless snacking as to clean my teeth. Feel so much better now.

Isn't it funny how it becomes a lifestyle? Eating just to eat was once our lifestyle, and it took its toll on my fitness. I'm really happier eating well and not overindulging, and I feel better, all in all.

So tomorrow, it's back on the healthy living bandwagon, my husband says. Only neither of us managed to look very sad about that.
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