When's the last time you had a physical?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My husband has several medical issues all stemming from being diagnosed with Type I diabetes over 40 years ago. His endocrinologist considers him a model patient because he does everything he's supposed to do to keep his blood sugar where it's supposed to be. He sees his "battery" of physicians on a regular basis and although he's on several maintenance drugs, in addition to being insulin-dependent, we are both confident that everything is being monitored as it should.

My children, who are 18 and 15, get annual check-ups as they should as well.

Then there's me. I think the last time I saw my primary doctor was at least 3 years ago when I had an allergic reaction to bites from chiggers. Sadly it was misdiagnosed several times, but once I was put on an antihistamine, it cleared right up. My point here is that that was 3 years ago. Yikes. My husband is always nagging me about it. Each birthday he reminds me and each New Years, he makes a resolution for me. I should note here, that I do see my ob/gyn annually and have annual mammograms, so I'm not that awful. I just haven't had a full physical in a long time and haven't had any blood work either.

That is until recently. He got tired of nagging so instead decided it was time to buy life insurance on me with him and the girls as beneficiaries. So now I needed blood work, urinalysis, etc.

So a nurse shows up at my house, she weighs me and checks my height. Fortunately I'm in the normal range, BMI-wise. She checks my blood pressure in both arms. Then come the samples, including taking several vials of blood.

We got all the results back on Friday and I'm happy to report that all tests came back in the normal range. Honestly I couldn't imagine anything else, but perhaps that was just denial on my part. My husband was thrilled. I'm still not sure what he expected. I told him he's probably stuck with me for a while.

I know I should have done this a lot sooner, but now that it's over, I'm glad. My policy was approved. Oh and I'm not a coccaine user. Imagine that?
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    Why do we do that to ourselves? As much as our families depend on us - and let's be honest, the house is a well-oiled machine thatnks mostly to us - why do we take care of everyone but ourselves? I hadn't had a physical in 9 years.... but as part of the steps to getting gastric bypass you start there.
    Fortunately, even with a high BMI, I was still considered too healthy for GB. I have borderline high cholesterol -- not a dominant trait in my family; I was surprised -- and a Vitamin D deficiency. Both are under control now, but who knows how much trouble they could have caused had I not been made aware?

    Good advice -- take care of you so you can take care of others!
    2815 days ago
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