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A tale of two days

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Since I didn't blog yesterday, this one will be about yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I weighed and found out I lost 8 lbs since I last weighed about a month ago! I'm averaging about 2 pounds a week, is my guess. But I'll be more accurate in the future because we finally have our own scales. I swore after watching my mom struggle for so many years, that scales were one of the tools of the devil and I'd never have them in my home. Well, now look at me, lol. I've overcome my fear of the scales and found a nice one, thanks to my sister's (swebb4481) recommendation. We purchased it from WalMart for about $25. Its a weight watchers scale that keeps up with your weight and bmi.

Last night Shannon and I did yoga and walked again. The yoga was definitely easier than it was the first time and I found that I was able to enjoy it more. I tried using the pedometer for our walk, to keep up with how we progressed, and something didn't work right. I know we walked further than 1.25 miles, cause we've clocked it in the car. So we're still trying to tweak that. I was also able to obtain an unwanted snack during our walk. I don't know what it was, other than it flies and was half way down my throat before I could stop it. (Note to self, work on walking and not breathing through my mouth) No, I didn't add it to my nutrition tracker and have no plans on repeating that in the future and thanks for laughing at me sister dear lol.

Today, has been pretty lazy. I have some bug bites that kept waking me up itching last night, so I didn't sleep good. With my allergies acting up as well, I decided to take a benadryl this morning to try and find some relief. What I got was about a 4 hour nap, which would have been more helpful had I not been dreaming my butt off the whole time. My DH brought me home some caladryl too so hopefully that'll start helping soon.

We had turkey tacos for dinner that was pretty good but the high point of my eating was trying the new orchard chicken sub from Subway, for lunch. It was DELICIOUS!!! Full of chicken, apples, raisins, cranberries...I'd love to find a recipe for that!!
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