Jumping jacks - getting easier!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It all started with getting motivated to start exercise sparkstearks. I restarted the count, and did perfectly while visiting my folk's house, where there is a stair master and treadmill, and nothing else to do. Although, during the week, I work and go to school, and live with my boyfriend. A buffet of excuses not to exercise.

Frustrated, I knew I can't restart the streaks every weekend, so what should I do?? I then noticed a jumping jack streak. I can do that without machines, or leaving my bf to run outside! Great! After 100, I started thinking, if I do more, I could check the streak for past days I didn't do it! Some may consider this cheating as far as the streak goes, but I figured, exercise is exercise. Go for it!

This left me doing 200 jumping jacks, 25 at a time, just when bored - the other day even at my bf's. I'm pumped to do more.

Next goal: 50 jumping jacks at a time.
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