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How do you drink water, while running a 5k??

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Okay... so... I have run a 7 mile race, a 2 mile race, and two 5k's... and looking at them again this year. But, there is one thing I can't quite learn to do... and that is drink water while jogging. I choke almost everytime!! LOL One place they gave us bags of ice, and I enjoyed the ice more... but didn't like jogging with a bag in my hand - with that said. Any advice would be helpful - except to stop and drink... I want to keep moving and get a GREAT TIME! LOL...
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    Big breaths eh??? will try that too!!
    1176 days ago
    I never drink during a 5K! Just grab a cup of water, pour it on your head, and don't slow down! Two hours before the race, I drink an 11 oz bottle of coconut water. That's all the hydration you'll need. Even in a triathlon, I don't drink their water: my body's not used to their water. In the transition area, I force myself to take a couple swallows of my own bottled water.
    2821 days ago
    After having the water spew out my nose several times, I've learned to walk the 3-4 steps it takes to gulp it down.....
    2822 days ago
    Walk through the water stops -- only takes a few seconds.
    2822 days ago
    I don't drink during 5Ks. 5Ks are short enough that any water you drink isn't going to be absorbed during the race anyway. If it's particularly hot, I will sometimes grab a cup and throw it over my head for the cooling effect.

    Now after the race, I'll often suck down two bottles of water within a half hour or so. And I hydrate well before the race.
    2822 days ago
    I take big breaths through my nose as I gulp the water, then breath out through my mouth. Took some practice, but works for me.
    2822 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Margie, I have always had something in my hand while running since day one. now, I run with my handheld water bottle all of the time including races. It does not bother me at all and I never stop at water stations. No need to. I have been known to stop by our house for a refill and potty.
    2822 days ago
    I hate carrying a bottle, and I also hate having any "sloshing" in my belly while I run. I usually chew gum until it doesn't do the trick. In the 1st 5k I ran this summer, it was still cool out, so I didn't need anything until I was finished. The 2nd one was actually a 4 mile up and down steep hills, so I walked up and ran down. They had a table with bottled water at the 2m mark, but I poured the water on me to cool down and not in me. That was hard for me to do, since I'm always telling my kids not to be wasteful with "bought" water, but you do what you gotta do!
    2823 days ago
  • KITTYF54
    what about slowing to a walk to drink. Most of us can walk and drink, it's the sloshing against the back of the throat that's probably making you choke.

    Or, don't open your throat to take a drink, take a mouthful, then swallow, that way the water won't hit the back of your throat. In otherwords don't chug unless you're walking or stopped. I can chug while walking but I wouldn't think of trying it while running.
    2825 days ago
    I just read this on 100 Beginner's running tips. "When you pick up drinking cups at aid stations, squeeze gently so it folds slightly and is easier to drink from it while you are moving."
    2825 days ago
    Not sure what the answer is. I choked too, then I slowed down to almost a stop to take a few gulps and ran on wish I had more to drink. I just try to chew gum and not drink water in a 5 K. Sometimes I have to get another piece of gum though. If it's too hot you need water though. Sorry no help from me. I did hear about a man that trains runners to walk for a minute every 10 minutes and they say it keeps you from wearing out. So stopping to drink might not be that bad for you. emoticon Keep running!
    2825 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/26/2010 4:29:31 PM
    No idea. I googled it because I was curious and this was one thing I came up with-

    "Drinking Water while you run seems to be something simple but it isn’t? Poor water drinking technique is one of the many causes of those painful stomach cramps that we suffer while running.

    Runners on the run should drink water in gulps instead of sips! Well, that is according to Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a certified specialist in sports dietetics. In an interview in the New York Times this is what she had to say…..

    How we drink can make a difference in how optimally we hydrate our body. A lot of people sip liquids, but gulping is better. Gulps of fluid leave the stomach more rapidly. It’s important to do this. It seems counterintuitive, it seems like gulping would cause a cramp. People are more likely to have stomach cramps sipping because fluid stays in their gut too long."
    2825 days ago
    I'm terrible at drinking while running, but it's getting so hot, I don't have a choice. I tried carrying a bottle of water with me when I run, but I hate crayying something while running and I think I spilled more down the front of me than I actually got into my mouth. I have been running with a camelbak lately. I don't love it, but it's easier to sip from the straw than to try to pour water into my mouth. The swallowing thing - well, try small sips at first, maybe? Enjoy your 5K's!
    2825 days ago
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