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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey everyone!

I know alot of you have probably been wondering what the hell happened to me! I wish I had some marvelous excuse, but I really don't. Aside from being really busy lately, I have no great excuses for not coming on here... I feel kind of pathetic actually.. I feel like I've let you guys down 'cause I always said I'd be here for support and for the last two months I haven't...

I'm really sorry! I really hope you all have been doing well! I know I'm not so important that life wouldn't go on without me lol. How is everyone doing with their fitness goals?? I really need to update myself, jeez!!

As for myself, I've still been working out, but not nearlyyyy as much as I need to be. I've been coming in and out of sickness for the last couple months, so that's been putting me out of commission for days on end. Truthfully, right now, I don't know how much I weigh. I haven't been on the scale in over two months.. I'm just kind of afraid to see the number. I don't think it'll be horrible, 'cause I'm fairly sure I've at least maintained, but I just don't know! I'm still wearing my size 11's and they're fitting well. :) The only thing that disappoints me is the thought of how much more I could've done over the past couple months.

Oh well, I can't change the past! I think right now what I need is to just start again from square one. I have to admit that my eating habits have sort of sunk back into being not so great. During the week I still have quite a bit of stucture.. I still bring my lunch and snacks daily, but I'm majorly stuggling on the weekends. The weekends are evil!! I've been eating WAY more chips than I should be. x_x Why can't I just be one of those people that doesn't like junkfood!!

Either way, I know I have to smarten up and get back into the swing of things! And I think that includes coming on here alot more too! I NEED the support that you guys give me! This site keeps me in check! I need to come here and pour it all out whenever I'm craving something or really don't want to go to the gym!! I miss you guys!!!!!

So summer's here and I'm still about 30 pounds away from where I want to be, but that will change eventually!! Right now, my goal is to be at my goal weight by September on next year! I know that's a longgg ways away and I know I could most definitely hit my goal before then, but I want to be my goal weight at that time no matter what! I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my brother's wedding, so I want to look gorgeous in all the photos I'm gonna be in!! I WILL be my goal weight at that time! So now it's just a matter of getting there and maintaining it!!

I'll have to update you all a little later on everything else that's been happening in my life, but for now that's what I've got for you! I can't wait to start reconnecting with you all!!

Talk to you soon!!!!

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