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From Crutches to Cardio - and the battle of the scale

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I know I haven't been around much this past month (two months??)... Once I got off bed rest and started working I just felt like a hamster on a wheel - always running but never getting anywhere. Then there was the rest of life... daughter returning from Switzerland, son graduating HS, family coming into town, graduation party... you know, life.

So many of my dear spark friends have popped over to my page to ask me how I'm doing, how my healing is progressing, what's next for me... and I haven't been able to properly respond to them or catch up with their lives. So I figured it was time to blog, to at least bridge the gap from my end so to speak.

I started weaning myself off crutches after I saw the Dr. June 2nd. It took me nearly 3 weeks, but I am officially done with them now!! I still wear my boot full time and I have a fair amount of pain and swelling by the end of the day but I am celebrating this progress as a major milestone in my recovery. No crutches means the start of cardio again!! So on Monday at PT I got to do 15 minutes - 10 on the elliptical and 5 on the bike - and was told I could build from there but to take it slowly. I also did some squats with a TRX. Have any of you ever used that system? Its just straps and handles hanging from a bar and you use your own body weight as resistance while doing exercises. Seemed easy at first but I'm still struggling with getting on/off chairs and its been two days now!! I had hoped to work out again every day this week, but it looks like I need 2 days rest before I try again, so I'll do some more cardio tomorrow.

As of today I am also trying to wean myself off of my boot. I have the green light to wear a running shoe (not an easy thing to get into!!) for 30 minutes, 1-2 times a day, with crutches for support. I put my sneaker on this morning with great difficulty and proceeded to walk around the house withOUT the crutches. I mean, what's the point of weaning off them if I have to go back to using them?? I'd rather walk less without them than walk more with them, even if this is going to take awhile...

Now for the downside of recovery... I have been gaining weight since I got off bed rest. Seems like as long as I was stuck in bed I was vigilant about my eating (maybe vigilant is too strong a word, but I was maintaining my weight at least). Once I got up and moving and went to work all restraint fell by the wayside. Since I wasn't getting a workout in I started to gain again. Bad eating habits took over and I now find myself up 7 lbs. from my pre-surgery weight. Ugh!!

Today I am going to try to get a handle on this bad habit of self indulgence and see if I can't turn things around!!
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    Hiya Tammy! I know to you it seems like this is a forever process; not that you didn't realize it would take time but living it each day has to be a challenge and that's okay to acknowledge. But I've gotta tell you honestly I was blown away to learn you're already allowed to try on a running shoe & actually wear it! Albeit 30 mins!!

    Considering the procedure you had, it seems to me you're doing amazing and making some wonderful, positive progress.

    Every journey is made in steps and as someone just dropping by to read about the steps you've taken so far, I see you much further along this path than I ever thought one would be at this stage of the game!! Hang in there my friend :) for all of us here at Sparkpeople who care about you, for your family and mostly for you!! The runner who refused to give in and WON the race!! Can't wait to see you cross the finish!

    Love and admiration!!
    2687 days ago
    YAY! YAY! YAY! It's time to have a crutches BONFIRE!

    Congrats on being able to put on a real shoe and and do some walking! That is awesome. I know it feels like it's slow going but you have made some incredible progress in a short time! I love your title - from crutches to cardio. That is your journey and you are getting there!

    As for the eating part, I sure wish I had magic words on that one. Just know a fellow eater knows what it feels like. One day we will figure out how to make food our fuel and not our friend. In the meantime, we'll just keep trying over and over again. Giving up is not an option, right?

    Congrats again! Time to light up those crutches!
    2701 days ago
    Take it slow. Get yourself back to your "good ole self" and then we can all beat some sense back into you when it comes to nutrition. You are still recovering and I think once you get moving again, you will fall back into some routine.

    I have complete faith in you. You will get your cardio endurance back AND your eating under control.

    I am just happy that you are coming back emoticon
    2704 days ago
  • LW8843
    I am excited to hear the crutches are gone! But try and give your self a break. even if it is a little one, and don't be too hard on yourself. That 7lbs will be gone in no time!
    2704 days ago
    Sounds like things are on the up and up! Off of crutches, getting cardio in, can wear a running shoe and 7lbs is not much, you will get that off in no time!
    I'm glad to see you back on spark!
    Yay! Keep up the great work and blogging!
    2705 days ago
  • CTUCKER225
    Glad that you are recovering well. Good luck coming out of the boot.
    2705 days ago
    You are so amazing, Tammy. I knew you would just be totally DRIVEN to heal. Congratulations on being crutch free (and nearly boot free)!

    You know, not to make excuses...but, you've been under a fair amount of time and task pressure lately and, if you're like me (and you are...twin), my food choices get crappier the less time I have to plan and prepare my meals. With the limitations imposed on you, the lack of daily support, AND the work load...yeah, I'd say a weight gain isn't totally unexpected.

    You are so going to get a handle on it though. It'll come off, especially now that you're able to get some workouts in. Hang in there kiddo...and thanks for the update. I've missed you!
    2706 days ago
  • 250STRONG
    It is so hard to work through recovery withOUT having a gain. Be kind to yourself. :)
    2707 days ago
    Missed hearing from you, and I am so glad to hear you are getting back on your feet. You've been through so much over the past months. Those extra pounds will come off--you have a great foundation for taking care of them. Really, 7 lbs.--that's not bad at all considering you've been completely inactive. Focus on your rehab and remember that your overall health is more important than the number on the scales. emoticon emoticon
    2707 days ago
    It's great to hear from you glad you've 'graduated' from the crutches. Be kind to yourself and don't get hung up on numbers on a scale. This is a process and it's just going to take time but I know you're going to be a force to reckon with when you're BACK!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2707 days ago
  • GMEAN2055
    Glad you are done with crutches and working on getting out of the boot. Take it slow....I am looking forward to getting my boot on in 2 weeks and out of this cast. I haven't been using crutches. I used a scooter from rolleraid. Good luck with the walking.
    2707 days ago
    Just read your blog. Your surgery sounds very intense. I have done 3 rounds of crutches only bedrest for up to 8 weeks, so I understand your frustration with inability to get to the gym, boredom (I read 30 books the second surgery) and inability to sleep at night. Two hours I think was my maximum sleeping for about six weeks. Good luck on the healing and continue to listen to the doc. I YAY just got released totally unrestricted (surgery was in December 2009 after the previous foot was done in January 2009) on my feet

    Foot surgery just sux!!! I had bunions and hammertoes which were causing me problems with my ankles. So first foot surgery was kind of a beating.. SECOND WAS HORRIBLE . He did some new technique. I never was out of pain. I even told him to up the pain killer dose. So.. that's my horror story and that's the short end.
    2707 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/23/2010 4:56:01 PM
    I am so happy for you being off the crutches. If your foot is too swollen to fit into your running shoes with the traditional lacing. Relace the shoes so your foot can fit comfortably. Consider not walking yet in the shoe. Put it on and see how it feels - stand some, then if it is feeling good a couple of steps then sit down again. Remember it is better to go slowly then quickly.

    Try starting to log your food again - I know it is tough....since getting back out of the boot I gained 5 pounds...I think I felt it was my reward for dealing with so much.
    2707 days ago
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