BOYfriend, GIRLfriend OR . . . ?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are you over 40?

Keep reading.

Are you NOT married?

Read on.

If you are over 40 and not married, WHAT do you call your partner, your romantic interest? You know, the person who would have been called your boyfriend or girlfriend when you were 20?

It feels pretty silly to be over 40, over 50, over 60, etc. etc. and still introduce the love in your life as my boyfriend or my girlfriend, doesn't it?

SURELY, the mature, single people of the world can coin a word or phrase that expresses this more properly, more pleasantly, in a word or phrase that isn't awkward!

Do you really want to say "significant other"? Nope.

I've heard some men say this is "my lady". Don't think a woman wants to introduce someone as "my man". sigh

Can't we come up with something that's as universally accepted as boyfriend and girlfriend but more suited to older singles?

What is YOUR idea?

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  • CAROLEE1945
    I enjoyed reading this because I had totally forgotten the terms "old man" and "old lady" that were used in the 60's. Isn't it hilarious to think we were all in our 20's and those were the terms being used???? Also, isn't it funny that we are over 60 and the period of the 60's had a huge influence on all of us, no matter what part of the country we lived in??? This would make a good topic for a blog.
    2662 days ago
    Good question! I've often wondered about it too. I am not dating right now and I am over 40. I probably would still call the guy my boyfriend, but no it doesn't sound "mature" for someone over 40.

    I've heard "ladyfriend" use by my brother when he was dating and over 40. I've heard partner used, but I don't care for that myself. Beau sounds southern and I am not southern, but I like it.

    So again good question, maybe it would depend on the person you are with and what they want to be called.

    2683 days ago
    I like the term "life partner" or "male companion" or "soul mate". But "romantic partner" or "love interest" or "sweetheart" or "date" would be okay depending on the level of commitment.
    2686 days ago
    Life partner, if that's what he/she is...otherwise just 'friend.' (The person to which you're introducing he/she can certainly see their gender)
    2686 days ago
    2686 days ago
    lady friend, gentleman friend???
    2686 days ago
  • JURI62
    I talked to my older sister about this awhile back. I too thought boyfriend seemed silly at mid 40s...she told me to introduce him as my sex monkey!!!...lol...needless to say that didn't work for me, but it did make boyfriend seem more appealing...finally I married him..end of problem
    2686 days ago
  • RONIE11
    well I remember a time when people referred to each other as either 'old man' or 'old lady' thats still used today but not very popular.. i never liked introducing my now hubby as my fiance.. that sounded pretentious to me.. but thats just me.. my better half is always out there... my sweety,, my honey. hmmm definately food for thought... I think just a name would surfice.. is it important to introduce him as something other than his first name??? I know we all do it.. Main squeeze might get a chuckle out of some.. If you were old enough I would think beau would work... I kinda like that one best.... and he could call you his lady...
    2686 days ago
    emoticon I am over 40, I am not married. I am living w/ my soul mate! emoticon

    I still say boy friend and ocassionally my SO, as in 'SO', not significant other. Depending on who I am talking to, he is MY MAN.

    2686 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Recently on CNN Anderson Cooper humorous exchange with Donna Brazile was on this very topic.
    Apparently the new term is "boo" for boyfriend or girlfriend

    According to the Urban Dictionary boo is a term that is derived from the French word "beau"
    2686 days ago
  • TAZZYM150
    I am 46 and my bf is 57 he calls me his girlfriend and i call him my bf works for us.
    2686 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    I like Friend! My former husband & I meet several times a year at different functions and it just didn't sound right to be introduced as ex-husband or ex-wife, so we decided to start introducing each other as the father of my children and the mother of his children.
    2686 days ago
  • KOOCH4
    What food for thought...

    Don,t really know , maybe "MY HONEY"would suffice .

    Boyfriend ,does sound silly ,at an older age.

    Thanks for the giggle emoticon
    2686 days ago
    Hubby and I met a guy at the gym. He is there at the same time we are every day. We always say hi and talk a minute or two. Yesterday my DH was finished with his workout before me and went to the lounge to have coffee while I was still working out. The friend came up to me and said "Where's your boyfriend?" He knows we are married. I thought it was cute that he put it that way. I understand what you are saying about this and I don't have an answer for you.
    2686 days ago
    I was married once to my high school sweetheart for several years and it was a disaster. Currently my significant other and I have been together for close to 6 years. We have no plans to get married anytime soon. Sometimes I refer to him as my SO if I am talking to someone new but generally he's my boyfriend. He often calls me his "woman".....whatever, it all works!! LOL!! emoticon
    2686 days ago
    This is my "special friend."

    2686 days ago
    I'm almost 30 and I'm not married but have been with someone for 4 years. We also have a child together. I feel really weird calling him my boyfriend because it just seems so...juvenile, I guess. Anyway, I just call him my husband and he calls me his wife, even though we aren't married. Seems weird to some people, but I'm more comfortable with it.
    2686 days ago
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