Dental Work & Eating Right

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I spent all day today dealing with trying to get dental work scheduled. Two of my wisdom teeth came in with cavities and they've gotten to the point that I'm in pain. I now have dental insurance after four years without it and the money to do it, so next Tuesday I'll be having them removed. I also discovered another reason I've been having such horrible headaches. Two fillings decided to take an extended leave of absence without notifying me (i.e. they are MIA now). I assume they don't plan to return so I'll be having them replaced (ha! take that fillings!) as well. In addition, two cavities decided to join the wracking-pain inducing party currently being held in my mouth so I'll be having those filled too. Such Fun.

To top it all off I'll be also undergoing a full mouth debridement (which means they scrape at all the plaque and chip it away - never had to have one on my whole mouth but my bottom front teeth always need it and that's never fun).

Suffice to say, at this point, I wish I didn't have to eat. Ever again. It's really not worth it. Between the pain in my body and the equal agony in my wallet, I'm sitting here wondering why I bother to eat at all. I mean, I get fat from it too. So that's like a triple tax on one task. Not only that, but I have to work out in order to keep from gaining the weight from eating the food that I have to pay for, which then damages my teeth, that I then have to pay to fix. ARGH! Is anybody else with me here?! Anybody feel my pain (figuritively speaking of course)?

*sigh* Of course, on the other side I'm faced with starvation, and subsequent death so I suppose I have little alternative really. In any case, I can be sure to be eating better (or not at all for at least two days) next week so maybe that will help me get back on the right track. I thought I ate really terribly today but I was below my maximum calorie count which surprised me (man, those sodas are a killer!) more than a little. You mean, I can actually eat food I like? Wow!

And yes, I was bad and at Chik-fil-a but it was a kid's meal so that's not too bad right? It's a start at least. Next time I'll try to convince myself to get 1 strip instead of 2.

In any case, my head is killing me and my mouth is trying to help so I've taken some pain medicine and I'm going to try and go to sleep. If my toddler will let me.

Special thanks for my wonderful new friend Bakertwin for reminding me about not posting my food - I fear that will not be the last time someone has to remind me (by all means - I may need a kick now and again - I'm so busy it's not even on my radar sometimes). I blogged tonight as a reminder of what I'm trying to achieve amidst all the chaos and that it can be done. I know it can - I've done it through worse than this.
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    You are going to make it. What a wonderful attitude. You have a real gift for seeing some humor in situations that would bring John Wayne down. John Wayne always played a character would never give in no matter what.

    You go girl. Give that toddler a kiss.

    2690 days ago
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