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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I started this journey as more of a way to track what I was eating compared to the amount of calories that I burned biking to work, trying to figure out why I wasn't losing any weight. What has happened instead is a new verve for life. I look forward to working out -most of the time. There are days like today where moving was just hard. A good friend of mine tells me to look at the things I've accomplished and not beat myself up for small slip ups. I am trying really hard to take her advice when thinking of how far I've come in the last 6 weeks.

I started out at 312 lbs. (I am finally able to admit that) with all of my clothes getting tighter, and my energy level decreasing. I have now finally broken that 300 lb. mark and am down 17 lbs. YIPPEE!!! I don't ever want to hit 300 again. I am striving to get down to 175, but right now I'm celebrating every pound along the way.

My progress:
I started riding my bike to work in March, and it was taking me about 50-55 minutes to go the 8.5 miles each way. I am now at 38:52 with an average speed of 13mph. Today was a hard day. It took me 42 minutes this morning, and I struggled to maintain 12mph. Instead of getting down on myself, I look at the fact that I HAVE improved... I have increased my overall average speed, I'm no longer fighting to maintain at 10mph. I have even hit a top speed of 20.1mph!

I have been incorporating other workouts into my routine; yoga, kickboxing, pilates, different dance workouts, (My husband says that he really enjoys watching me try to do the Bollywood Dance) and even getting my girls to pick out a workout DVD at the library and we'll do it together. One thing I have found, I am NOT made to do gymnastics at this stage in my life! Hopefully one day, I will be!

My Cheering Section:
I have a fabulous support system! I have a great friend that I walk with at work, and can always depend on her to be my sounding board. My husband has a hard time stomaching the "Rah-Rah! Go Team!" approach, but he still supports me in so many ways. He tries to cook healthier, even joining SparkPeople to not only support me, but to see if he needs to make changes in his own life. My in-laws are also SparkPeople. Seeing them active helps me strive to want to do more. Seeing some of the other "regular" cyclists and getting that "Hi" or nod, on the paths makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger than myself. I have a sense of belonging.

So, despite the fact that I have a bad day every now and then, I will not lose focus of what I've accomplished so far or how I feel when I see the results. I will allow myself that slice of pizza or bottle of beer every now and then and not feel guilty. I will celebrate small successes, and cheer on my supporters in their successes. It's a long journey yet to come, and I'm looking forward to the trip!
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