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Chickens and Other Updates

Monday, June 07, 2010

Here is a tiny video clip of the chicks. They are so cute, I could watch them all day. In fact, they love to hang out with me, so I do get to watch them all day when I am out working in the yard. They are very entertaining, but then, I AM easily entertained. The big black australorp rooster is Denty, the chick who survived the cracked and glued egg.

I have really been logging in the fitness points recently. Now that I am finally on vacation, I have been catching up on yard work between thunderstorms. It has been such a warm, wet spring that my yard has become a tropical forest. I have been pulling gigantic weeds, cutting back shrubbery, filling the garden cart, hauling the weeds off to the compost, planting new plants, and clearing the yard of branches that have been coming down in the storm.

When it has been storming, I have been doing the deep cleaning the house has so desperately needed. I promised myself to get rid of 'stuff' and I have begun the process of extruding. My parents grew up during the great depression and believed in throwing nothing away. I learned that lesson very well. The thing is, I do still believe in that. We have become such a wasteful nation and it has been very hard on the ecosystem, from wasteful production, to the toxins that result from production, to the issues we now have with waste disposal. So I am not at all critical of myself about not throwing things away; but I do need to share with others... time for a lot of my things to head to Good Will.

I have also been getting to spend time singing with friends and practicing my guitar. I can strum away pretty well now, and arpeggiate, but I am focused on learning new picking styles. I need to break out my flamenco guitar today, it has been sitting on the sidelines during my hectically busy end-of-the-school-year.

I have come to believe that I had set my original weight goal too low. I seem to be 'stuck' at my current weight, but it is a good weight. The love handles (muffin top) are still there, and maybe they will come off now that I have more time to be more strenuously active, maybe they won't. I wonder if a little thickness in the middle is just a condition of being in the thick of middle agedness. Right now, I am thinking that there is a body-wisdom I should be listening to instead of the mind games I can play with myself. So, I have actually reset my goals to be a few pounds heavier than what I originally thought; not as a cop-out, but as an offering to a greater wisdom than my self-referencing brain.

One of my dear friends brought me a bouquet of these roses for my birthday. I love the color!
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    Ahhhhh :) Chris..... beautiful rose-my favourite kind. Ez calls that kind of coloured rose 'sunset roses' I get them for her when I can find them which is not as often now that we live in the tropics....
    2840 days ago
    My grandfather was a chicken farmer...and this brings back a ton of memories! emoticon
    2840 days ago
    The chicks are adorable! I'm so glad Denty is thriving!
    The rose is beautiful! That is my favorite color for roses, such a pretty shade of peach or apricot.
    2840 days ago
  • MARY1313
    Awwww I love the sounds of the chickens! so peaceful and happy sounding. Denty is awesome!

    I myself have just taken I don't know how many really great outfits to share with the local charity too. If I haven't worn it in a year, it goes.

    Thanks for a great blog!

    2840 days ago
    I try to have a donation a month for the Vietnam Vets myself.
    2840 days ago
    I loved watching your chicks! Terrifically inspiring blog too! Thanks.
    2840 days ago
    The chickens are SOOOO cute! :) I can't believe Stella doesn't chase them around. Good dog!
    2840 days ago
    Love the chickens!

    Today is the beginning of home office decluttering for me. Argh!!!!! Good luck on your efforts to prune the outside and inside of your home!
    2840 days ago
    The chicks are cute! I am so glad the one in the cracked egg survived!
    2840 days ago
    Love those chickens. My fam in africa bought me 5 chicks because I told them I wanted to keep chickens when I arrived. Unfortunately 3 of the 5 have already died from some terrible chicken disease.. I can't remember what it is, begins with a "c" but its wiping out all the chicken populations in the area emoticon

    Since I divorced I have been very big on getting rid of all the "stuff" that has been cluttering my life for the last decade. I gave away what I could, put a lot of "free" stuff on the curb which was snatched up by folks in the neighborhood. I love having less, it makes life simpler, and things stay cleaner when I don't have to battle the clutter.
    2840 days ago
    Boy, for such a rough start, Denty sure has made his place in the world! He looks strong and healthy... good for him!

    Did I ever share this with you? This is my nephew's flamenco company. He and his wife live part time in Spain and part time here, and they've been touring. Their show is really a worthwhile experience if you ever get the chance. He manages the company and is one of the guitarists, and she is the principal dancer.


    (Can't post a link here, but you can copy and paste)
    2840 days ago
    Nice blog and you will lose the love handles they just take a little longer I guess emoticon
    2840 days ago
    We are an extremely wasteful nation... and we largely operate on an unconscious level. We go through life like robots, doing what the media tells us, trying to be like the media we see... it's depressing. I have a difficult time connecting with people because everyone seems FAKE... but when I really meet someone connected, especially someone who believes in the same kind of idyllic world I do, it's a blessed day!
    2840 days ago
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