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Free Yogurt for $5

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Yesterday was a very, very long day. I woke up extra early for some reason. But it was finally beautiful in Oregon! We have had such crummy weather lately, I was wondering if we would ever see the sun again.

It was a fun day though which started out with me getting to play with my nieces and nephews. They may not be related to me by blood, but I LOVE those little ones!

Then, since Aubrey and I knew that the Cho-Mobile was going to be at the Portland Rose Festival, we knew we had to go! Hello, FREE YOGURT! Well technically not free, since we had to pay $5 a piece to get in the gates!

Last year we scored major swag when Kashi visited. We had no clue they weren’t actually inside the gates though, so we paid to get in and basically walked through and then out to go to Kashi’s set-up! (I really hope they do it again soon!!) That was a bummer, since really everything inside is not worth $5. Overpriced food, games, and rides? Not really our scene.

But lo and behold was the Cho-Mobile!

Chobani is my absolute favorite brand of greek yogurt and they were handing out samples for their line of greek yogurts geared towards kids called Chobani Champions.

I couldn’t wait to dive in to the HoneyNana flavor. I didn’t even remember that we hadn’t taken a picture of it yet before I was diving in.

But I didn’t even care, because I was SO ready!

Oh my gosh, the BEST tasting yogurt ever! And I give them extra points for the biodegradable spoons.

I can’t even fully describe just amazingly smooth and creamy it was. I was disappointed when I looked at the ingredients though.

Boo!! “Natural flavor” and “turmeric (for color)”? I hate it when things are added to foods just for color. And I HATE the ambiguity of “natural flavors.”

So while I was bummed it wasn’t clean; it was still very yummy. Then we tried the berry one Aubrey grabbed.

I am not a huge fan of berry flavored things. They are always super tart. And I did not like all of the chunks. (Did I mention how amazingly smooth and creamy the banana one was?)
While we tried our yogurts we listened to a high school band playing. I love having entertainment while I eat! It makes it seem more festive.

After we ate our free ($5) yogurts we walked around through the various booths of food. Just a sample of what I saw: curly fries, ribs, burgers, curly fries, cheesecake on a stick, cotton candy, more curly fries, ice cream, and wait…did I mention curly fries? They were everywhere! And the smell was fantastic, but I knew if I ate any I would be clutching my stomach in pain for hours. And sorry, that is just not worth it to me!

The rides were ridiculously expensive, not to even mention the games. I knew I didn’t want to eat anything else there, and that was when we fully realized we paid $10 to try free yogurt. Oh well, live and learn I guess!

We did walk through their wild animal exhibit at the end (I walked directly PAST all of the creepy crawly, slithery slimy things.) But it was apparently naptime.

I was so confused by that sign on the tiger cage. Don’t worry, Aubrey explained it to me. Oh what would I do without him?

We also saw a tortoise

and something else…I can’t remember what they were called but to me they looked like a cross between a deer and a rabbit.

Then we left to go do some grocery shopping. It really doesn’t sound like we did much now that I’m reading it back, but it just felt like the longest day in the world! I guess it’ll feel that way when I wake up so early! Tomorrow is teaching and church and then I’ll hopefully get a chance to just kick back and relax.

The AMAZING news is that Aubrey got a job! He has been unemployed for four months and now he is back at work!! But it has been super hard. He has been working 10 hour days and the commute isn’t the best. So he basically is home in time to eat something real fast and then head to bed.

We had been eating dinner between 5 and 6 while he was unemployed and for his first two days of work I was going crazy trying to wait and have dinner with him after 7. I definitely ate a bit more than I usually do to stave off the hunger. We’re probably going to have to figure out a new system for this coming week! I don’t want to always be eating extra snacks I don’t need.

Do you get to eat meals with your significant other? Are your schedules compatible? I’m really curious as to what other people do!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My bf and I always have dinner together. He usually has to have a snack before dinner to tide him over but we make it work.
    2818 days ago
  • PAG2809
    The yogurt sounds like fun and I am so glad that Aubrey has found work. I finally got a call for a temp job, so perhaps things are starting to look up for many of us! Hang in there - you'll figure it out.
    2820 days ago
    That was really tasty yogurt. Sorry I'm not home to eat with you honey. I love you. emoticon
    2820 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your day with us, Amber! I loved the pictures; those were some interesting critters you saw. Great to hear that Chobani, manufacturer of rich, creamy yogurt, has created berry and banana versions :) And congratulations to Aubrey on his new job! These are very tough times. All the best, Sandi
    2821 days ago
    Loved your blog -- the funny title and the great pics! Our family is lucky to get to eat together often. Hubby has a regular 9-5'er and some days he works in the field and arrives home early. Tuesday nites are a mandatory family nite for eating -- no exceptions. I think it's important and it's my rule. LOL
    2821 days ago
  • ANITA012
    Amber...My husband used to work 12 hour shifts, plus had about a 1 hour commute each way to work until recently. Because of some health issues, he is now in early retirement which is nice because we can enjoy our dinners together...and not eat so late.
    What I used to do was fix dinner and eat mine around 6:00-6:30, and when my husband came home...around 8:30...I would heat his up and he would eat at that time.
    What I might suggest is to have your meal at your regular scheduled time, and then set a little dessert to the side to enjoy later when your husband comes home and has his meal. That way you both can be at the table and be eating something together. It would also help keep you from snacking needlessly while waiting for him to come home.
    Then savor your dinner times together over the weekends when he's not working.

    2821 days ago
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