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Long Trip to Illinois to Visit New Grandson (and his parents)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Last Monday (May 24th), we got a call from our son telling us that they were in the hospital because his wife's water broke and the baby was coming - a month early! So we hustled up and got ready to go and headed out about 1 PM that day to head for IL to see them and our son. Due to the magic and convenience of electronic devices that are almost always connected, we kept in touch through the drama of the delivery. The baby was breech and they were unable to get him turned around, so they decided to do a c-section. My son was really scared for a while - as were we! Everything turned out OK and we found out that we had a new grand son while we were getting ready. There were some minor issues with some breathing and jaundice, but otherwise, he was healthy. Those problems were solved as we sped our way (obeying speed limits - barely!) to see them. By the time we got to Wyoming we had some pictures sent to us via my iPhone. I sent them out to the rest of the family and before 5 PM of the day he was born, everyone in the family already had pictures. I love technology for many things and this is one of them.
After a long 28 hour drive with my wife and I taking turns and a lot of breaks (we did not stop for the night, but drove straight through), we arrived at the hospital and went to see our grandson. What a joy! But we were sure tired.

OK, so the flip side of all this is that our diet and exercise did not do so well. I was so tired from the drive that I made excuses about exercise and slept in every day. Not even that much of an excuse for the horrible eating I did that week, but I accept it and I'm back on track now. I didn't track anything while on our visit for the week and it shows on the scale (about 4 pounds gained). That will come off in the next 2 weeks - I'm determined.

I made a deliberate decision to not track things and to not worry about what I was eating or exercise I missed. I decided to just enjoy the week and not worry about any of that and it was a great week (with one small exception that I'll note later). We enjoyed our time there and got lots of great pictures and memories to cherish for a long time.

It is hard to get back on track. Once you go off for as long as a week (actually 10 days), it's easy to just get lazy and keep going off track. But I'm determined not to let the last 5 years go to waste, so I'm back on track now and looking forward to a long time being healthy.

OK, so the week went really well until Saturday. My wife was awakened from a sound sleep by a severe abdominal pain in her lower right side. Oh Oh - sounds like an appendix problem to me. All of the pain symptoms indicated appendicitis, but she had no fever and was not sick in any way. So we waited for a while to see if the pain would go away, but it did not and even got worse. We went to an urgent care facility nearby and after several hours of waiting got her checked. The doctor said he's pretty sure it's appendicitis and sent us to the emergency room of a local hospital. What a fiasco! We were there for almost 10 hours while they did a CT scan, an ultrasound, a blood and urine test and poked and prodded my wife until she was ready to just walk out. After all that, they said it was inconclusive, but they were sure it wasn't life threatening, so they sent us home and told us to contact her doctor as soon as we got home. So the result after who know how many thousands of dollars they will charge, they said "Oh, sorry, we have no idea what's wrong, so just take this pain pill and call your doctor in the morning!" Yikes - what a useless, boring, long and frustrating and expensive day.
So, we stayed until Monday morning with her in constant pain and then drove straight home (it took us 25 hours) and I did all the driving because she was on pain medication and in pain too and could not drive. I drove safe and got in kind of a 'zone' where my mind was alert and I had no problem driving, but my body was sending signals that I knew were going to get me later. I don't know how I did it, but I drove and drove and drove. We left on Monday morning at 8 AM and arrived in SLC, UT at 9 AM on Tuesday. Not bad time considering I slept for about 3 hours during the drive. We called the doctor and got an appointment. After talking with her doctor, it was determined that she had appendicitis and needed surgery. So, Monday morning we go in and she gets the surgery done. The doctor said that he was sure it was appendicitis and if it wasn't he would eat it - OK, so he didn't say that he would eat it, but he would bet on it if he was a betting man. He said there's no way to be 100% sure until he goes in and sees it or if we wait until she gets very sick and it bursts and causes peritonitis which is really bad. Since that is not a good option, he said let's take care of it now and we agree. My wife is worried about it, but is also tired of the pain. It's been constant for almost a week.

So, our trip was very nice and very tiring and very expensive, but hey, we have a new, healthy grandson and that's a good, joyful thing!

Sometimes life is funny that way - joy, sorrow, pain and struggle all thrown together. But you know what I will remember a few weeks / months from now: Yes, I will remember how nice it was to visit and see our grandson and his parents at this important time in their lives (he is their first child and our 6th grandchild).

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    What an eventful trip! All worthwhile for the cutie-petootie! :-)
    I hope your wife will be well soon after her surgery!
    2848 days ago
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