Thursday, June 03, 2010

I hit some big ones in the last month.

May 10th was my two year anniversary of my efforts to get fit/healthy.
May 12th was my two year anniversary on Spark
May 30th I passed 44,000 fitness minutes on spark.
May 31st I earned my 15,000 spark points badge (I don't log food or post much so points come slow)

I've been plateaued on weight for a year which has been pretty frustrating. But in the last month, I've renewed my commitment to make more progress.

I did another BodPod test that came back 14% body fat @ 180 lbs, which isn't too bad. Based on the test I need to get to about 172 lbs to get to 10%, so my new goal is 170lbs. What's a bit disheartening is that if all these tests are accurate (and all the science says they are much more accurate than calipers, bio-impedance, etc...), then I've lost a lot of lean muscle mass along with my fat. I know that's how it works, but it's still a bummer to see.

I started logging my food again. I wasn't eating horrible, but I know I do better when I make myself accountable by writing everything down. I used to use FitDay for recording food, but I've switched to dailyburn this time. They have a bigger database of restaurants, etc... and they have an iPhone app that includes the very cool ability to scan the bar codes on commercial food with the iPhone camera and automatically enter it. I wish SparkPeople's tools were as good for logging food so I wouldn't have to use so many different sites, but oh well.

On a side note, I'm really frustrated with all the online fitness tools. Almost all of them seem to steal our data and not give us full access to it, which is outrageous. FitDay, DailyBurn, FitBit, etc... Will all record our weekly weights, what we eat, etc... (all sorts of info about our health), but if we want to download all that data in an excel file they won't let you! They want to keep you trapped in their service, but they do it by holding OUR HEALTH information hostage. All the more reason I wish SparkPeople had the best tools so I wouldn't find the need to use these other tools.

So in just a couple weeks of logging food, I can see that I'm making a bit of progress and had my lowest weight weigh-in ever at 177 lbs. It's just 3 lbs, but given that I've struggled to lose any weight for a year, it feels like a big victory. I'm currently on a trip to the bay area for my brothers wedding and finding it really hard to eat well. I go straight from this weeding trip to a week long work trip in Las Vegas. So I won't have a proper weight in for two weeks, and hopefully I'm not losing too much ground.

Lastly, I did buy another new toy.... a Withings scale. It has wi-fi built in and automatically logs my weight to my computer. You can keep all the data completely private, but I've made mine public so if you have too much free time on your hands, your welcome to see how much I weigh:

I uploaded my historical weights as well so you can pretty much see my life long weight gains and losses. The scale is $170 (more than anyone needs to pay for a scale) and probably encourages weighing in too much, but I'm a geek and like it. I also laugh because the cleaning guys that clean my apartment every 2 weeks don't know the scale is online, so while I was here in San Francisco, I can see that someone weighting 190 lbs stepped on my scale on cleaning day :) (if I'm ever robbed I at least have a chance of knowing how much the thief weighs).

All the best!


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  • IILAAD65
    Well - you have definitely analyzed yourself to pieces! But sometimes that is totally necessary in order to make improvements. And I think you have been very honest with yourself.

    I do think that adding food is very slow on this site - especially if I am at work behind a serious firewall. But ... if I sit at home and plan my meals for the next day it goes pretty quickly. I have grouped things together to make it quicker - I copy meals over and then edit.

    I love the crockpot - so if I make it for dinner.. it becomes lunch for 2 or 3 days and I can copy that easily.

    You are very high tech! Boy I feel slow here in the midwwest lol

    You totally had me onto the Fitbit - haven't bought one yet - but will definitely look around for something better. Thanks for heads-up!
    2725 days ago
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